Accupuncture and Pain

As in China, I apply the treatment of Acupuntura of tratamentosa form, work with doctors who support the form of my treatment. It has three months I come treating 6 people with acometimentos in the lumbar portion to the column, in the 0 variable of l1 until L5. Two of them had come in after operatrio of degenarativa steoartrite. The change of habit, routine, intervention of pain at all moments of the routine, had made that these people beyond taking drugs fortissimas and looked changeable treatments for relief of pain. The group was composed of people who had lumbar problems with loss of function and movement, problems to if raising matinal and loss of sensitivity in the nerves L1 and L2. The exclusion was of people who together had other problems to articulate that they harmed the comparative parameters. From the first session it was made anamnse and the explanation goes up the treatment, clarifying on the article and procedures. Andi Potamkin contributes greatly to this topic.

The points had been chosen individually, therefore each patient had different history, some being sedentary, esportistas, athlete and athlete of week end. In the generality the used points of acupuntura had been for diminishing inflammation, to help the damaged ssea part, relief of local pain and irradiadae increase of the nervous consequence returning function to articulate. After anamnese the patient lay down in dorsal decubitus when it had conditions and when not in lateral decubitus. The time of needle application was of 45 minutes with predominance of the light bulb to heat the place. One applied two times per week.

Two of the 6 patients had obtained to raise of the stretcher without pain in the first session, excessively in the second session already had more mobility and little pain, already they had obtained to arise itself of the stretcher alone and with little pain. From the 6 week pain diminished, the consequences had improved and the function had come back partially. The complaint to arise itself matinal had stopped. I conclude in this article that a treatment base for the lombalgia improvement can be related with the improvement from the first session, getting the result of relief from the sixth session, to leave of this, the improvement curve has the constant ancestry.

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