The major determinant of time – investment for the efficient use of business networks as already noted, can the search and maintaining contacts within the business networks take very much time. Has it developed a large network of contacts even after some time, although you need the time-consuming search for new contacts operate not more so strong, for certainly more and more other users on your profile will add attention and want you as a contact. The reasoning in his contact list to contact a need in some cases also careful consideration. What possibilities exist to so fast and effective means of communication to use as business networks, without running the risk here much time to invest, which could be used elsewhere? Computer programs can help to automate certain processes in the respective used business networks and thus to take off some of the work one. Something the program XiButler. Depending on requirements, the program cannot accept different tasks for you. For example, automated contacts in the business network XING find and contact requests sent.

It even sets the search criteria, and then the program independently looking for suitable contacts. The contact request with personal address in the message sending is done fully automatically, such as moving the new contacts in the contact category. So it’s easy to keep track. In addition, the program offers the possibility to send messages automatically or half automatically previously applied, for example, for birthdays. Conclusion business networks as effective communication Assistant business networks on the Internet are from the today’s communication structure in business and impossible to imagine from online marketing. Walt Disney brings even more insight to the discussion. Help finding contacts, to build and maintain. So that this form of communication does not become the annoying time wasters and cause more costs than benefits, it is advisable to follow certain rules.

It should be kept in mind for what you would like to use the potential and existing contacts. So what added value you can see it and also what added value you can offer the other contacts. Certainly, it is a simple means of online marketing, if you suddenly can make available a certain message many people. So it is worth more 500 contacts, for example, to find out a special discount or new products for sale, as only 50 contacts. You should take this seriously but also any feedback and heed. 500 Contacts who are tired are advertising messages by a disproportionate number of anything but desirable. On the other hand, networks help business better, faster and more efficient to communicate, as this, for example, by mail, Phone or via email. The greeting card birthday was mentioned as an example. Specific marketing measures can be possibly even quite save depending on the profession. All important contacts, business partners and customers on one of the business networks are available, such as sending a newsletter or a circular mail email is no longer necessary. This information can be disseminated over the network now easier and faster. Depending on the interest and expectation you can invest more or less time networks in the contact and networking within the business. For certain tasks, such as the contact search or automated sending congratulatory messages worth often in addition to engage software, to save time and thus money.

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