Becoming A Parent

Six months ago that had given me the positive pregnancy test results and again the gynecologist was with that face that I knew, didn’t start. -The twins are fine, but we are now entering another phase. -Another phase? -We have taken a series of precautions. First, absolute rest, does not mean you can not move from the bed, but you have to try to spend as much time as possible in it, nothing working, nothing homemade task, complete rest, you can move the bed but avoids standing, you have to try to be at all times lying. Source: Joel and Ethan Coen. The world came to me above, until now had been able to combine work and pregnancy.

She had been careful to go documenting each and every issue that was under my supervision at the firm, organization, before cloistered me in bed, went back to review them all, confirming that the notes were updated, my partners not cost them much catch cases. Here, David Zaslav expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Now that I had all the time, could dedicate it to the list of birth who had left for best chance, this was the moment. For days I was browsing different websites offering electronic purchase everything you need for babies. In the end I opted for one who knew for references of some companions of the firm. From home I could compile the list of baby twins, was simple to manage and the steps were very well documented to follow to create my list of birth. I signed up, the variety of items, allowed me combine those things that were necessary with others that he knew he would need in the short term. I checked the list a couple of times and when she was convinced that nothing was missing me, I closed it.

I promptly got an email from the that in addition to all articles that had been selected, assigned me a shopping list access code. I devoted myself to send the link with the access code to all those friends and acquaintances who knew they would be happy to buy something for my twins by his birth. All have congratulated me by the idea,’ve removed them a concern, having to spin by different stores looking for something to give away, not knowing if it would already have it or if I really needed it. They appear in the list in addition to the products that I have selected, the status of each one, if someone has already purchased it, instructs visitors avoiding them unnecessary cabals. It was a success, in two weeks I knew everything would be available before the birth of the twins, and in addition to bring it to me home, wedge and a piece of furniture that he had asked, they rode without any cost. Oh, and no less important, also had a voucher of 500,00 for what you will need in addition to the list. I’m really ready.

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