There are a lot of blogs with your own server as the free blogs like or wordpress and for this talk on how to create a blog much more professional with the model of the free blogs from believe me with these templates or templates that I’m going to recommend to leave both impacted your visitors and give a very good impression to your friends from social networks. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge. odafone-accuware/’>foursquare. How to improve your blog to make it look professional for what are the free blogs as only blogger has some core subjects and that we could use other themes and they are free to improve the look of our blog and you look more professional and at the same time impacting the visitor. Some websites have free themes as those who are Btemplates qui will find a huge amount of topics for your free blog can find blogs of 2 columns 3 columns and select that mas te guste, when selections that you like you can give the demo option and shows you as is veria your blog before trying to install and it is advisable to use a theme that has a background in white in the text and in the sidebars because less tired the view and can be seen better, once you have selected the template or theme now have to download it to the computer it should be noted that the file download template compressed in Zip as bearing the zip file on your computer the following is unzip it with a decompressor program already this uncompressed zip file select the XML file and open it with a blog of notes or the notpad you will appear as a file with many codes and codes you record to have it back, now let’s go to blog and we go to the layout tab in the section of html editing and now we are going to upload the template of our hard drive of our computer now we put search and we go in where this uncompressed the template file and select it and give you lift file blogNow you’ve installed the template for your blog and now looks much more professional as it would have with the templates that blogger has base and will give more impact to visitors with a blog much more professional, you can follow the steps above to find another that you like or want to change future already with this your blog looked much better as a professional blog..

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