Buckingham Palace

It’s official: the British monarchy has decided to join Facebook. Queen Elizabeth, main focus of one of the main monarchies in the world, has decided to open its account in the globe, Facebook most popular social network. From the second week of November will be in activity profile of this famous Queen and ruler of the United Kingdom. This account is generalized to the English monarchy, the truth the idea is only an account on Facebook for all royalty instead of having individual accounts for each of the intengrantes of this Royal family. This is the fourth profile of the British Royal family that is hanestablecido on social networking sites. First created a channel on the YouTube video site in 2007, then a profile in the service of Twitter microblogging in 2009 and an official photostream on the site to share photos, Flickr, earlier this year. Page and the new account in Facebook, is a collaborative effort between Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and the Royal Collection, and it will feature a mix of news, links, videos, photographs of several members and artistic photography of the family; especially the Queen Elizabeth and Charles, also the Princes William and Harry. The page may receive updates on news, works and everyday life of the Royal family. Users may also follow the official commitments of the family through the Wall of this community constantly updated..

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