Car Maintenance

The car can be bought in the salon, paying a particular amount. All it cost? No – it is necessary even insure it, provide the documents on the ownership, register the car in the traffic police. Next – operating costs. Of course, that the car needs gasoline, oil, antifreeze, washer fluid in. Please visit Robert Iger if you seek more information. What else? Still have to pay taxes on motor vehicles. So.

Periodically run maintenance. Change the various “consumables” (filters, candles, tires, lamps in the headlights, etc.). Held once a year inspection. Now, like would be – everything. As part of tco is – “direct costs”. They can be a high degree of accuracy to calculate in advance and to predict the duration of use of the car.

Now let’s go through the “indirect costs”. The car can go wrong – there are many reasons that can lead to this. Will need to repair it yourself (wasting time) or take him to the service – for the money. A car can get in an accident, it can steal at the bus stop or parking lot. accidents can harm the health of the driver, passengers and other road users. Accidental or deliberate violation of traffic rules may lead to fines, confiscation of driving licenses, etc. All of the above cases take away your time and money. You will be late to wherever went, to pluck the meeting, transactions and contracts that will be ruined vacation, someone does not meet the train and airplane, etc.

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