Carlos Miranda Rasps Son

Bahia. I have until the obligation to remember confrades that had been the pioneers in the radiofnica communication in the Region of the Sisal, more necessarily in Serrinha, when Radio Diffusing of Serrinha in 1969 entered in AIR 36 ZYC -, Jairo Santiago, Peter Moreira, Jose Malta, Pablo Santana (Pablo Tei), Aremar Bacelar, Marcelo Cross, these three already deceased ones, Aldemario Araujo and Carlos Miranda Rasp Son the youngest child. We had the coordination of one of the most categorized professor of Portuguese of Serrinha monsignor Democritus Mendes de Barros and who spoke wrong took that one will caro. It had radio in Serrinha and alone Juazeiro 300km appeared with another one, When we arrived in the cities we were looked for with if he was novel actor of the TV, today all place does not have radio. Mayo clinic: the source for more info. We were the first ones to speak to the living creature of the cities of Serrinha, Conceio of the Coit, Retirolandia, Brave, Are Domingos, Luz Saint, Forest fires, Mount Saint, Cansano, Euclides> of the Wedge, Ribeira of the Pigeon house, Toucan, Caldas of Jorro, Aracy, Teofilandia, Biritinga, Cold Water, Lamaro, Saint Brbara, Tanquinho, Racho of the Jacuipe and others. Carlos Miranda Rasps Son. Date of Birth; 04.09.1956 Broadcaster of this 04.04.1969 DRT 1422.

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