Carlos Neris

A sad question for the oldness is the persistence of bad souvenirs: ‘ ‘ With the age the people of the one to repeat old souvenirs, and the ones that less we like to dig are the ones that persist in the mind with greater nitidez’ ‘. Another recurrent question in the oldness, to if approaching to the death, is the religion: ‘ ‘ I am exactly inclined to believe in the perpetual life and I make faith where Matilde is to my wait, although in the catecismo never to have explained right the resurrection to me of carne’ ‘. Me the company generates problems in loving relations and separations: ‘ ‘ Eva had been a pernicious company for Matilde, since the beginning fulled its head of fantasias’ ‘. Many times the enciumado one needs to know the reason of its jealousy, and this generates chaotic sentimental deliriums: ‘ ‘ if some day found Matilde with another one, more than to look at Matilde I would look at the other, I I needed to know I eat I was this man, to give substance to this jealousy. (…) And little by little I made use myself to accept it, I looked for to imagine it as a delicate soul, as somebody that would look at for Matilde in mine falta’ ‘. The financial concern of the son is recurrent in the workmanship: ‘ ‘ Also I have a son, my universal heiress, the goods for its name made already me to pass all in order to advance inventrio’ ‘. Eullio, in its says, shows the historical racism of that the black suffers in Brazil and the growth from slum quarters: ‘ ‘ I thought that to serve in the policy it was a great progress for the blacks, that still yesterday the government alone used in the public cleanness.

(…) The difference was that to our redor the city now did not finish more, grassavam casebres of raw masonry and without roof, where before it had campestres clubs and aprazveis mansions (…) gentalha of the church (…) until either an advance for the blacks, that still yesterday animals in candombl sacrificed, Perhaps to walk now arrumadinhos with the Bible underneath of brao’ ‘. Ironically the treason if configures in the tram: ‘ ‘ As soon as I was abandoned costumavam to whisper for my coasts (…) However now they made deep silence to my arrival, as if I was promoted to a respectable category of husband enganado’ ‘. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Discovery Communications and gain more knowledge.. A correspondence appears of impersonatied form and discloses the fear of the truth in the plot: ‘ ‘ It was a fat letter (…) I calculated that bad letter of doctor would have eight leves there inside at least written (…) (…) seemed cowardice I never to have open that one carta’ ‘. As it is observed in the transcribed fragmentos, the book as a whole is suggestive, marking the readers deeply, therefore it approaches the existence and its nuances personal, cultural politics and. Therefore, it must be read with sufficient attention to the details of language and content, which ahead take the excellent reflections on the life and the illusions of the smallness human being of the incessant march of history.

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