Claudio Cabilla

And from getting achievements in these orders, search for new products and services, and new channels and ways of marketing and promotion. But little new and good ideas serve if a sudden loss of profitability by the crisis quickly generates a low in the sustainability of the company.The researchers emphasize internal cost control because it will also affect the rise in public services, such as light, transport, gas, etc. Trade unions, attentive to this situation, are already planning new claims to its affiliates. In that sense, Dentice explains that the tariff increases hit very strong in the final cost as the driving force (electricity and gas) has high incidence in intensive business use of energy sources, with which reduce the possibilities to operate in a rarefied atmosphere, as notes Claudio Cabilla owner of an SME supplier of inputs for the oil industry which supplies the market local, regional, and Africa. (As opposed to Leslie Moonves). Meanwhile, I think that the decision on wage bidding in SMEs will have a component where the relationship employer’s worker can become more flexible, but that this does not involve, a hard impact on costs. Venezuelan management responsible for SMEs have to relocate to the effects of this reality, knowing determine its scope, more so when the business sector of the country, especially the SMEs, they face serious problems even of survival from a decade ago, when the Government of President Hugo Chavez began manifesting his declaration of a socialist ideology to the country, giving way to the Bolivarian revolution, which has been causing a turbulent, uncertain, risky, stage where many SMEs have disappeared, and which are still kept, do it with fear, uncertainty. There are a large number of SMEs facing serious problems of finance, productivity, competitiveness, operability, coming many to reduce its working staff and others to participate in the market with a productivity that does not guarantee a true competitiveness as requiring the current scenarios. Then there are some that have been able to cope with the situation, however, is now added the global economic crisis where management should focus on plans actions that ensure its survival, know the opportunities. Original author and source of the article.

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