BY: Alejandro Martinez Rutto Laziness, they say, is the mother of all vices. That, at least the opinion of those who make bad news to one of the best-known delights of mankind. Nobody says no one is declared lazy envious, because the sloth and envy are demonstrations of inferiority and self proclaimed nobody wants more than another. However, the world is full of those who enjoy the sweet moment of not-doing-nothing and leaving the charm of resting muscles. But much attention: that no one falls into the common mistake of confusing leisure and laziness. Click Walt Disney for additional related pages. Such misunderstanding is to confuse the sky with clouds.

Leisure is a pause, a usually short interregnum between two periods of extended normally very busy and overworked. Leisure is also a pause, interruption, brackets, intermediate. Instead laziness, which is said laziness truly is a vocation, a way of life, a definite and conscious use of time. E s, in short, another way to deal with. To engage in doing nothing, of course. Blessed lazy because they can live without the dictatorship of the clock, because not concerned about the intense noise of the horns nor the hurried passage of time.

Blessed are they who have no tasks to perform or deliver reports or managers who respond. Happy who can reflect on the comfort of the hammock and the pendulum motion of the swing and placid. His life, at least not full of anguish and medical history will never stress or neurosis or paranoia. To enjoy their incomparable pleasure transcribe them “The Commandments of lazy” because when someone is dedicated to laziness, like any other activity (“Laziness is an activity?) Must do so in body and soul. Read, learn and apply: 1. Ama work above all things … but do worry that someone in the spirit of camel. 2. Do not work in vain … work is an unfortunate way to force you to quit your job to rest. 3. Sanctify nap, and when television … are sacred moments. 4. Honor the bed and chair to lengthen your hours of rest. 5. Do not kill time, take advantage of leaving a job not done and starting another. 6. Do not raise false statements to work. Tell the truth about it: you do not like. 7. If you see someone taking pains to work, have mercy on him and preach unto them about laziness: your true and only religion. 8. You shall not covet your fellow entertainment, better take advantage of your own laziness. 9. Thou shalt not steal the ideas that others have had to do less over time. 10. Remember that everyone who reads articles on a lazy sloth.

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