Consulting Dr. Kraus & Partner Receives Seal Of Approval

Customers and scientific experts certify top consulting management consulting and they are among the top consulting companies. Top consultant with this predicate must adorn henceforth the management consultancy of Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal. “” Seal top consultant”the compamedia GmbH specializes in Benchmarkingprojekte for the middle class since 2010 annual outstanding business consultant for SMEs”distinguishes to facilitate medium-sized companies, to find a consultant that is tailored to their requirements”. Continue to learn more with: Discovery Communications. Mentor of this contest”for consultancies is the former Finance Minister Hans Eichel.

A scientific assessment of the firms that participated in the benchmarking project, was preceded by Dr. Dietmar Fink, Professor of management consulting at the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Sankt Augustin, the award. A part of the assessment was an analysis of the management consulting and their services. Also, any consulting had to ten reference customers name, who were interviewed using a questionnaire. Determined was among others: classified as how customer-oriented corporate advising their clients? How satisfied are the medium-sized companies with their performance and the results achieved? “And: they were SME-appropriate by management consultancy” advice and support? That our customers gave us in this survey of top marks and we therefore received the seal of quality top consultant, fills us with pride “, Dr.

Georg Kraus admits one of the three managing partners of Dr. Kraus management consulting & partner, just because we are working as a consulting company with approximately 50 consultants except for medium-sized companies, including multinationals.” “The surveyed SMEs Dr. Kraus & partner won a SME-friendly advice” certified, Kraus leads back to four factors. “First: Dr. Kraus & partner is itself a medium-sized company and not a consulting company”. Second, The management consultancy know that medium-sized companies in part have a different culture and structure as corporations. Also their strengths are different often.” Therefore, they need some other solutions to problems as corporations. To transmit it, as Kraus, only scaled-down versions of the solution concepts of corporations is little purposeful”on the middle class. Thirdly: The consultancy sees itself not only as change consultants, but also as change companion and supporter. In other words: they developed not only solutions for and with their customers. We support and assist them in implementing in everyday operation.” Fourth, The consulting firm is organized in the form of competence centres internally largely, who headed the Management Act largely independently and communicate with each other. Quickly the information flows within the company, and our team for example is appropriately fast and powerful, if a customer is an acute action or need advice.” For more info about the consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal, and their work can interested on the homepage

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