CSR Responsibility

The way to order today crosses the CSR company, taking on the commitment to ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) in its corporate principles, rarely do so for reasons of individual morality: ethics and sustainability have become a key area of common operational rationality. It has long been so that clients and partners expect the Mission of CSR as a prerequisite for the awarding. More and more becoming a central basis of modern business relations ‘Corporate responsibility’. This responsibility is logical and increasingly the regional ‘factor’. Makes sense, it’s there, if Bremen “company environmental initiative”, to which belongs the erecon AG, now a project called “company CSR” in life. The objective of this action is to give solid skills and knowledge company site on all of those areas, then allowing them to implement the guiding principles of an own CSR accurately, verifiably and competitive. To the classical fields of action of the Environmental impact – for example, energy efficiency, resource conservation, sustainability, Green IT – be added already more CSR work fields: employee relations, market behavior, or active involvement in society and social responsibility. Today, CSR is a highly complex management task, the Bremen “company CSR” was created for their support, dissemination and acceptance. understands that this is vital information. Klaus Jarchow

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