Dubai – A Fairy Tale Of 1001 Nights

A city on the pulse of the time visitors of the desert metropolis on the Persian Gulf quickly find themselves in a rare symbiosis of two different worlds. In hardly any other place one international big city flair with traditional naturalness on such a beautiful manner. The flight Portal informs what awaits visitors to the multi-faceted city. There are many good reasons for a flight to Dubai. In the desert of Oriental life style mingle with Western influences in an impressive way. So, the city of superlatives even the possibility for winter sports offers a relaxed Beach holiday, adventure trips across the desert, and due to the first indoor ski Hall of the Middle East. In addition to spectacular construction projects and artificial islands, the metropolis is also known for its legendary shopping.

A visit to the gold and Spice market is worth on every trip and conveys the Oriental charm of the city. Thus, Dubai is the epitome of an exceptional shopping culture. The view is impressive by the recently opened Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. In addition to the various luxury hotels such as The Palms”and The World” are worth a visit also the mosques of Jumeirah or Bastakia. Also worth seeing is an old town of Dubai, can convert visitors in the footsteps of former trade and Pearl diving center..

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