European Capitalist

happened peripheral economic miracles liberal restoration of last the twenty five years was co-responsible for the concentration and centralization of the wealth at the hands of a reduced number of private capital, capitals these situated in the same powers politics that had monopolized the power and the wealth in the Second half of the last century. The economic and social Results, unhappyly, contradict liberal theories of the classics and even of Marx, therefore these in the long run foresaw a universalizao of the wealth that did not happen, not even. List, in contrast> the hypothesis of that the global capitalism is losing its aura of infabilidade, and that, therefore, the simple intercapitalista competition in desregulados and globalizados markets does not assure the development, nor much less the convergence enters the national economies of the center and the periphery of world-wide the capitalist system (1999, p.14). that therefore, since the beginning of century XIX, the humanity attended to a sped up process of concentration of the power politician and the capitalist wealth at the hands of one reduced number of nations, the majority European, U.S.A. and Japan forming the triad. worse is that if it does not glimpse a possibility of an efficient control of the free movement of capitals or of an exchange coordination between the three great world-wide economic powers.

Exactly with the formation of blocks as the NAFTA, UNIO EUROPIA, the MERCOSUL and others,> international scene continues the same and the most likely one is that if it keeps thus, subjecting the periphery of the capitalism to a true financial tyranny and the subjugation econmica.CONCLUSOO century XX goes arriving at its end leaving the impression, of that exactly with the occured changes throughout the time, we remain the same in platform of the start of the capitalist system, and because not to say, of the feudal society, the point of view of the distribution of the world-wide power and the wealth. Analyzing the feudal society it can be said that it was based on an organization, that in exchange for protection, either spiritual or military man, left the overwhelmd diligent classrooms to the classrooms that they withheld lands and in them they did not work, therefore granted lands to did not cultivate who them, but to that if they had taken possetion of it. Exactly with advent of money and of new classroom ascending, bourgeoisie, picture not if modifies, part of that had because it pro accumulation of capital the kings and to a system of labor organization had entered into an alliance it, in which left of in development, as well as inside of each one of the formed blocks, had come if accenting. The production way capitalist characterizes itself for the deep injustice in the distribution of the sacrifices of creation of the capital, and the benefits of its application; as the capitalist system emphasized Marx well is an ambiguous system for its structure, therefore the purpose is to get profit, but it reduces the buying capacity of the masses reducing the wages, because seno would not have> how much of the generalized social spalling is of foot in such a way the hypothesis of society-world; in an optimistical vision, the spalling hypothesis would see a world of multiple cultures and territories living pacifically and developing integrated communitarian ways of life; in a pessimistic vision, it would bring the planetary chaos, a new Average Age of generalized conflict. Of an optimistical point of view, the global society would be integrator and participant, one Native Land Native Land

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