Everything Is Expensive

The Ministry of Finance disburses 16 million suns, the MIND and the INEI study, analyze and select the areas and distribution technology, the Army of Peru based on the distribution and the Catholic Church will be the supplier for the delivery of food . The 6500 goal bags in 6 months to alleviate hunger in the neediest areas of Villa el Salvador, Window, Carabaillo and others. Events that are not detract at all, for where these bags arrive, somewhat alleviate an urgent problem on the other hand we believe with great faith and hope that this gesture will not alleged transformer, theft and illicit enrichment by third parties (acts detestable but to show we have several buttons: hit by the earthquake, PRONAA purchases, housing loans, etc, etc.). The measures taken by the government in the wake of rising commodity prices have gone from meetings with the mayors, to regulate the selling price of basic necessities in our beloved and popular convenience stores, to distribute food directly. While inflation is a macroeconomic effect and depends on many external factors such as international grain prices, fuel, fertilizer, etc., These affect the basic consumption basket and in turn the price index consumer (index used to calculate inflation). It is also true that the same inflation is a pervasive effect not only adversely affects the poor and extreme poor in urban and rural areas (because more families eat noodles field, oil, rice, wheat, etc.), but also countless number of families who barely manage to incomes above the poverty line.The World Bank will chair , said governments should invest in an “urgent” (and not desperate, nor reflected in the short term) to prevent the food crisis sinking further into poverty, 100 million people. The result of the financial years of the last quarter shows a really encouraging economic growth, but the relationship with current policy for all blasting and distribution of wealth does not give many results, since social policy is still mediocre, makeshift, with shortages proposals, lack of modernization and unfair. All this because we are still evading the commitment to our society and to the biggest problems of our country. It seems that only wants to fight the effects, but not against us are the causes of poverty.

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