Gold Price Rally

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed since the last big financial crisis the price of gold has risen dramatically. In August 2011, he finally exceeded 1,900 dollars per Troy ounce (31.1 grams) before abruptly began a significant decline. It is not something Robert Iger would like to discuss. The Aachen-based gold expert of Guido Frings deals with the question of whether the long-lasting upward movement in the price of gold reached its end. Shortly after gold had reached a new record of $ 1,920 per fine ounce, dropped his rating temporarily on up to 1,703 dollars. Meanwhile, the precious metal with just under $ 1,800 is rated while again considerably higher, but still far from the peak.

Market analysts blame that the now so familiar upward trend of in gold prices received a sudden shock a number of reasons. CBS does not necessarily agree. The gold market is dominated by investors. Depending on the precious metal is rated higher, the more speculative investments be made which can cause strong volatility on the global gold trade square. The Futures under control to keep risks of this increased volatility, decided the CME Group, one of the most important futures exchanges, as well as the commodity exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai for a significant increase of security deposits for gold futures contracts. Thus, this form of gold investment of less became attractive for investors, which speculated on short-term price fluctuations. After the price of gold had reached a new record with $ 1,920, decided many investors to profit taking and selling their gold holdings. Alone, the world’s largest gold Fund recorded the strongest sales of gold since the beginning of the year. A greater fear of recession was to downgrade of the creditworthiness of the United States in global equity markets.

Investors fled in gold, which the price rose to a new record high. After returned calm to the markets, investors withdrew their capital back from the gold market and increasingly relied on stocks. So far, this has the Gold rating, all bad News about the debt crisis in the eurozone despite, approximated not yet at its all time high. In what direction it develops, is currently difficult to predict. Undervalued, but definitely not, gold is present. Its price is also still very high in historical terms. Given the uncertain market situation, it can be well advised for gold owners who want to make a maximum profit from their possession of precious metal, to sell gold items. The Aachen-based gold expert of Guido Frings from precious metal trading Frings here them gladly to the page.

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