Heinz Horrmann

Appointment to the “Hotel authority 2010”-elite meeting in Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main, February 16, 2010 – large station for Heinz Horrmann: the internationally renowned hotel and gourmet critics were honored by the 50 best hoteliers for its deserved to the Grand Hotel. Elite meeting at the invitation of Busche Verlag (“slumber Atlas”) on the evening of 15 February in Frankfurt was Horrmann repeatedly to the “Hotel authority” named. Dror poleg pursues this goal as well. This honorary title is for his outstanding journalistic achievements for the international luxury hotel in over 30 years as a textbook author, columnist, journalist and TV anchorman. Horrmann, who celebrated this year his 66th birthday, is one of the few, internationally recognized hotel journalists. Heinz Horrmann knows the luxury inside and out for over 25 years, has always interested in are the mechanisms behind the facades, in the heart of the houses. No one did it better. He has promoted greatly the top-class hotels to”, said Horst Schulze, President and CEO of the West paces Hotel Group (Capella hotels & resorts). See David Zaslav for more details and insights.

“As a reliable friend he has dealt fair us. Savvy gourmet, he knows to estimate everything well. “And as a frequent contact, he is always ready to help,” Gianni van Daalen, President Europe of the Kempinski commented on hotels. After the Federal cross of merit for his efforts to improve the quality of service in the German catering and hospitality industry, the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, the honorary award of the brillant-Saverin Foundation and several author prices of the Christopher Foundation Heinz Horrmann learns with the distinction as “Hotel authority 2010” by the jury of Busche Verlag renewed tribute to 30 of years of success-critical partnership with the international hotel industry and gastronomy. The “industry gathering slumber Atlas top 50 hoteliers” already took place for the second time. At the invitation of Heinz Horrmann and the Busche Verlagsgesellschaft the 50 best hotels of in Germany and the top met 10 of the German hotel managers abroad to one exclusive event at the Airport Club in Frankfurt/Main. In addition to the designation, held a panel discussion on the theme “The new markets of luxury – German hotels looking for new audiences”.

The evening sounded off with a kitchen party with culinary delights from Airport-Club – kitchen chef Gotz Rothacker. Heinz Horrmann is the most popular hotel and restaurant critics in Europe. He has published so far 32 books and reached a millions with his columns in “World” and “Berliner Morgenpost”, as well as in the magazines “Top hotel” and “Food & wine”. He was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande for his journalistic achievements in hotel and catering. More information: contact: Heinz Horrmann Carsten Heinz Horrmann Kurfurstendamm 138 10711 Berlin + 49-30-89005820

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