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Rehabilitation Counseling: Temperature control of external walls in the basement instead of injection for about 20,000 euros ( BERLIN (October 28, 2008). “Forest Brook (name changed by the editors) in Berlin, Tegel was visited by the independent” Appraisers. Measurements in the basement was the result of more than 2 hours. Walderbach offers: only an injection of the walls round cost 23.000 euros here helps. The shock was deep. The Bauschverstandige of the House clinic saw it differently: A request for a be of the walls is not given. The walls are wet”and the humidity is rather high (55% are optimal). This is to be found in this time of year in many basements and also the temperature of the outer wall is not surprising. Eva Andersson-Dubin insists that this is the case.

You can create a moisture profile of the walls at great expense, but the interpretation of the measurement results is crucial. In the face of the 24 brick walls and the climatic conditions is by condensation. There is a passage with mildew stains, in the guest room in the corner where was the sofa on the verge (see photo). To conclude on a failure of the seal is to classify case.” The recommendation of the Bausch communicating the House clinic was: a temperature of the outer wall, due to the higher surface temperature improves thermal comfort and reduces the formation of condensation. To do this, one moved non-insulated heating pipes along the wall, which works like a long radiator. To do this in two circles a heating pipe copper embarrassed slurs as fast forward and rewind. Meanwhile, all to the satisfaction is already of FA. Walderbach done cost: less than 1 T.

The humidity is low, the comfort is improved. Additionally the tip from an expert: In the summer, the cellars are moist, because warm moist air penetrates and condenses on the cool walls. Therefore: during the day the window to leave, and only the night air, if possible with passage of cross ventilation. Heat in the winter and then the humidity off air. Monitoring with Hygrometer.” The House clinic is active in Berlin and Brandenburg, construction also is offered in addition to the consultation on the spot. A special offer is the bbo building advice online for builders, buyers and owners in Germany and Europe.

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