How To Fix A Washing Machine

According to the type of fault in question, learn how to fix a washing machine can be more or less complicated. How to fix a washing machine if the fault is in the programmer, one of the most common faults usually occur in the controller, since it consists of a large number of switches that activate other electrical components of the machine. Programmer is mainly composed of two clearly distinguishable parts: the first is formed by switches. We will recognize that it is damaged when we turn the programmer knob and the solenoid valve is not connected for charging water or the motor that spins the drum. In this case we must replace it. To avoid mistakes in the position of each wire we will be connecting terminals to the new programmer to come by disconnecting from the old and one by one. The second part is the motor with a small sprockets reducer that spins the programmer step by step. If the motor is burned will know because the programmer does not rotate automatically to pass from one phase to another of the Wash.

We can change the engine, which will leave us with more economical difference that change the whole programmer. How to fix a washing machine, if it does not heat water or little warms another breakdown that usually happens is the water heating system. This is composed of two parts: thermostat and resistance. Lime water usually attack the resistance being necessary, in principle, place the thermostat to one higher temperature to warm it equal. Anyway, lime tends to destroy the resistance, so it must be replaced. To change this we must release drum drain rubber and, after removing the nuts of the resistance, push inward to remove it through the drain hole. Thermostat is joined by a small copper tube to a thermal sensor located on the bottom of the drum near the resistance.

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