The runs a successful family of funds, overseen by CEO With the end of the Second World War and Hollywood the Spanish Civil War, many Europeans saw the need to abandon their homes in search of freedom. Some wanted to find a new investment analyst horizon, others to escape hunger and many look for a place to rebuild their lives. And embarked on a large part to Venezuela.Encontraron Venezuela quiet, where a brewing planned growth, especially in the construction of major infrastructure, an expansion of the domestic market and agricultural modernization, which made it perfect to forget the ground war and put down roots. Thus came Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish, Bulgarian, German, Hungarian, Dutch and Russians, among other colonies of Europe chipped by famine and war. Among all groups of Emigrantes colonies were the most numerous of the Italians, Spanish and Portuguese. 3 shared similar reasons for leaving their nations: the flight of a dictatorial regime, the atrocities of war, hunger, unemployment and the search of the much-desired economic stability. Most came by Ribotsky boat to the port of hedge funds NYSE La Guaira in the Venezuelan Caribbean.
According to records investment manager of the Archdiocesan Office of Caracas, between 1951 and 1958 the country reached 200,000 Canarios and Gallegos, who were included in trades such as agriculture, carpentry, masonry and public transport. After the first stage of adaptation, many became small entrepreneurs engaged in trade, finance and industry, especially in metallurgy and manufacturing. Venezuela farmers needed. There was a production deficit of about 55 thousand tons of sugar annually and 50 thousand tons of rice, among other products, and required to meet demand with domestic production. It increases the oil, so many Venezuelans have left the field to engage in gainful activity in cities, and this gap was exploited by immigrants. The same happened in the construction sector which also found a niche importante.Cada colony was devoted to a “specialty” related activities movie producer in their country of origin. you are able to visit his site, for all the latest on the ‘s investment activities, as well as the different pursuits of This is how the Galicians were devoted to vegetable production, the trade in bananas canarios Italians and the sale of meat and other foods, the Dutch and German sausages and cheeses, the Portuguese bread and milk. Later, many of them have become traders, today investment portfolio it is estimated that 72 percent of the bakeries in Venezuela is in the hands of the 50 end portuguesas.A The Franco faced one of its worst fund management economic crisis. Life The became more difficult and led to new stampede. Hundreds of Spanish people aged between 16 and 45 years filled the holds of ships to America, family of fund and especially to the most promising: , the land of El Dorado. In all cases, working people, day laborers from the countryside and in the construction sector. It was the labor required by the government of General Marcos Perez Jimenez, the country’s transformation to be tackled vigorously in those years.

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