Inverse Osmosis Water

The apparatuses of inverse osmosis, are able to purify the water of our house in a 95%. This repels in our well-being and our health. The inverse osmosis is a scientific process, in which it takes advantage the different osmotic pressures to realise a process of purification and cleaning of the water. The present home appliances with this system of Osmosis are very complete. They consist of four stages of purification that we described acontinuacin: Filtrate of sediments by cellulose filter. One is a filter of cellulose that catches and clean the water of sediments like sand, dust etc Chlorine filtrate by Granulated Activated charcoal.

By means of activated-carbon filter in grain, the chlorine water is cleaned. Chlorine filtrate and sediments by Activated charcoal. One is a not granulated activated-carbon filter that still more cleans to the possible rest of chlorine as well as sediments that puediesen to be in the water. Filter by Inverse Osmosis. Here osmosis proper is realised, goes the water through membrane that realises the osmosis system totally, cleaning the metal water and purifying it. Once passed this filter, the water goes to the deposit and before being served, it happens through a last filtrate. This system gives a water us with a 95% or of purity, being a water of greater quality more than the prepared one. In addition it supposes a saving and aid to conserve the environment. Also the systems of Descalcificador exist, that clean the lime of the water and are very beneficial for our electric home appliances and our skin and hair.

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