Jacob Burckhardt

The author tells that the cited period above it caused great divergences between the historians, going of discords between a more accurate period until formation of the same Modern State with regard to the proper name, fundindo the quarrel about the National formation. After the decade of fifty some workmanships they are used as reference exactly nowadays, the Old Regimen and the Revolution, of Alxis de Tocqueville, and the Culture of the Renaissance in Italy, of Jacob Burckhardt. The importance of these two workmanships cousins is basic, over all in if treating to modern history as a whole. Therefore it is enough to remember that if it must to these two books the constitution of the two historical objects that frame modern history, that is, the Renaissance and the Old Regimen. As well as the workmanships of Tocqueville and Jacob Burckhardt, two Italian cities if had detached, as pioneering in the formation of more complex States, Florena and Venice, for showing the most advanced way of Italian administration, what it exerted great influence in several nations, exactly if becoming Been well more the front.

The nationalism of the European people in the Modern Age, questioning defended until century twenty, if did not present very in realistic way, being easy to understand as other factors, as the religion and the politics, had exerted great influence in the formation of the Modern State, that under several you strike between the classrooms if it initially constructed in these two Italian cities and specializing itself in England and France, spreading themselves for the whole world. We can initiate our critical one, starting, for the negative points of the workmanship. We learn on Modern State. That he is that one that if submits the laws that limit the exercise of its power, it does not abdicate of its prerogatives of sovereignty and with the following characteristics: sovereignty, territory, people and purpose.

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