While some equipment has spent these last weeks to at the top throw the trastos as a result of the delirious subject of the blown diffusers, Ferrari has been locked in its fort tormented by one more an obsession than by an objective: to find the formula that it revitalized to 150 Italy to be able to offer to Fernando Alonso the possibility to him of demonstrating why reason the experts agree in indicating to him like the most complete pilot of the present time. In view of yield that in Silverstone offered bolide red into the hands of Spanish would have to applaud to technicians of Scuderia, that has known to give the return to a prototype that was doubled in Montmel, less than does two months, and that the flight took yesterday, it gave a review them to Red Bull, dominating unquestionable until now (six victories of nine possible and plenary sessions of pole position) and that this time wavered, less than to 30 kilometers of his headquarters, and finished second (Vettel) and third party (Webber). Source of the news: : Ferrari has returned. .

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