Lake Constance

Everyday life remains behind them back you are suddenly in the harmony with the nature, time seems to stand still you can freedom in the Enjoy wide rushing through the blue water you have the control set allow all the ballast ashore in the hand and discover a different way even with an hour that you are on a sailing boat or motor boat, drive on the Lake, changes her perspective. You see things in terms of true and transferred from a different perspective. At once pull captivated other topics: sails set, drop, adjust the sails to the wind. Or start the engine, leaving from the port, and go to the width of the Lake. The local Radolfzell at Lake Constance is wonderfully suited. We make sure that everything is prepared by the water sports center Radolfzell. And even after the ride, you must continue to do nothing, as your boat.

Some of our clients even make it regularly to take advantage of the lunch break for a short break on the Lake. A weekend with extended tours of course also has a very good relaxation effect. As the owner of the water sports center Radolfzell, I got in the over 40 years our activities as licensed Sailing and motor boat teacher experienced many people quickly have found their inner balance on the water whether in introductory courses, full training or just when short trips. Sailing brings additional experience: you experience the interplay of the elements human nature technology you can measure your strength with the wind you are dependent on each other, they form a team, keep it together, only in the team work experience pure adventure so for example the head doctor of a large clinic uses the sailing to be switched off. He often arrives Friday afternoon and takes a nearly 600-kilometre drive away in purchase, to get to Radolfzell am Bodensee – only to be able to on Saturday on the water.

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