Worksheets for IQ-training ‘Numbers’ and ‘ numbers matrix the worksheets arising from IQ training with children of all ages. Specially trained is dealing with numbers in the basic arithmetic operations, recognizing numbers structures and Symmetries and the application of algorithms for the generation of new numbers. The task collection contains 40 different worksheets of the same performance level. To any task sheet is a sheet with the detailed solutions for the teacher. At Glenn Dubin you will find additional information. A training manual is located in each Aufgabensammlung.Insgesamt are there for each of the 8 item collections per 85 A4 pages. Due to the large number of different worksheets, each student can receive a separate worksheet. For more information see Glenn Dubin. This ensures that the students need to focus on his hand and thus a more effective learning process is stimulated.

In addition, team-working is possible. In the classroom these worksheets that can be copied arbitrarily often also a meaningful change to the compulsory lessons represent, by the Students will gladly accepted. The teacher receives an overview of mathematical competencies of pupils also very quickly, as they can be observed in IQ tests. The item collections are each available for two grade levels from the 1st to the 8th grade. The worksheets to the IQ-training can be downloaded at… Michael Nitsche

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