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A good preparation is the first step for a successful job interview. Congratulations! You have received an invitation to the interview and thus managed the biggest hurdle in the marathon application. Their potential new employers want to know you personally now. In our first issue, we have compiled important tips to prepare for your job interview for you because a good preparation is crucial. Tip1: Research. Note: Genius is hard work and every interview mainly depends on your preparation.

Learn about your future employer. Take the Web site view, research on Internet and newspaper, contact employees and formulate their own questions that show that you have dealt with product and industry and are interested in. Tip 2: exercise. The basic question of all HR managers: this is the right person for the job? HR managers have a repertoire of more than 30 questions. Not more. If you on each question have an amazing answer, then you’re in. Therefore: Get the catalogue of the 20 most frequently asked questions in the interview and work out appropriate responses.

It is not a matter to memorize something, but to be prepared for anything. Train No finished formulations, but practice answers to critical questions quietly once with a friend. Tip 3: details. Getting there: Be on time and not too early, not too late. Punctuality and accurate planning contribute to your security and tranquility. Clothing: Get dressed rather a bit too well as a bit too casual. This is evidence of respect and corresponds to the importance of the occasion. It is after all to the next few years of your life. No fashionable extravagances: Dress your tasks and your future responsibility accordingly. “And are wondering what style will be maintained in the company?” When an airline expected in most areas dresscode the clerk of a forwarding work casual”, the Seller represents the company with his impression. As a general rule: a neat outfit is not automatically made a suit or a costume. Be polite at first to anyone.

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