Marketing Resources

Check options, not decided by one before they have considered other, study them deeply, give them a chance, listen to those who have something to say about them, for or against, weigh their arguments, validate it and see that some of them can run , if you can get tested by assigning resources, measure and review the results, see what worked and try to determine the causes, see that did not work and try to determine its causes, make corrections and retest. Your business plan should include an operational and financial plan, this will help you determine the resources you need and you can get them in time, will identify the technologies, equipment, people in need and the time when required, may estimate the business cash flow, funding requirements, capital needs, study the market, their competitors, their opportunities. Reinvent your business See what successful experiences you have, check still is, in this case support them, but keep them fully controlled, remember that something that was successful can stop. Edmund V. Ludwig is often quoted on this topic. Review your business lines, analyze them independently, see whether they are profitable, try to explore other product mixes, to look into that are not profitable and determine the reasons why they are not, try to solve them, see the convenience of keeping, selling or closing, consider that both affect your business and not keep them just for emotional attachment, business must be practical as possible. Check what else can be done, it is possible that with the resources they have to make new products or services to market rather than decreasing their activity, in this way will increase and contribute to recovery. . Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City takes a slightly different approach.

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