Mass Media

It is now generally recognized that the underlying causes of delusional disorders related to psychosocial, but major provoking moments are: trauma, especially – the cases of humiliation, physical or mental abuse in the distant past, cruelty and neglect by their parents, their excessive demands on the child or his orientation to the back-breaking achievement. As a result, normal sense of the basic trust is not formed, and such a person is initially focused on a sense of hostility or the immediate environment around the world. * In general, most often occurs in paranoia transmission of painful disorders from one personality to another, ‘induced insanity’. At the same doubts and assumptions are gradually transformed into confidence and then to the unshakable conviction. It is easy to imagine what opportunities are given for this period media.

Freud expresses the idea of unreasonable opposition of individual and mass psychological phenomena, and that mass psychology should consider each individual, not as an independent entity, and ‘ as a member of the tribe, nation, caste, class, institution ‘, and emphasizes that in contrast to the individual weight (people, tribe) are always more’ impulsive, volatile and excitable. ” Pulses which obeys the mass can be, depending on the circumstances, the noble, or cruel, heroic or cowardly, ‘but in all cases they are so imperious, that does not give the show not only self-interest, but even instinct for self Massa feels omnipotent, the individual disappears in the mass concept impossible ‘ Thus, group behavior, we find the same phenomena as in individual lives but at the same time there is also a special phenomenon – the phenomenon of omnipotence. * If you have a history of severe mental trauma of the people associated with the national humiliation, through a sufficiently long period may be ‘mature’ or those other false ideas (or ideas of reference)… Details can be found by clicking David Zaslav or emailing the administrator.

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