Mayor Of Tuzla Has Not Arranged Yet The Killing

The media group of the paw help Europe misinformation the media group received the paw help Europe separately received telephone information about conditions at the shelter in Tuzla and Bosnia. Because it was information, whose Richtigkeit admitted no doubt, on the basis of the detailed content published “Mayor can kill 400 dogs”, in the framework of the report. Leslie Moonves may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Later research showed confusion and it turns out that the informant is emotionally involved and therefore changed has divulged the facts from their point of view something. The media group of the paw help Europe expressly apologizes for disadvantages arising from this modified appearance. To the correction of the report we want to now communicate the following: due to the recent weather conditions, the conditions at the shelter in Tuzla have deteriorated further.

The kennels are wet, more and more weather damage can be seen and also the road to the animal shelter is greatly diminished.Each offered Help of local animal lovers will be rejected by the Mayor. Local staff, two now completely unmotivated and exhausted employees would prefer to stop. But they fear that the dogs are killed then they worry no longer.It would be a welcome occasion for the Mayor Mr J.Imamovic to arrange the killing of dogs living there. And this is exactly the point that our concerned informant has misrepresented, the killing is an intended option. It is so far not yet arranged. The concerns of animal rights activists is whether she qualifies for the future will show. BER/phe.

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