Microsoft Germany

“Three aspects will mark by 2020 the IT world for Ralph Haupter by Microsoft Germany: a service-based infrastructure an individual, non-geographic design of professional life, and fundamental changes of the feel: A touch screen replace the mouse and the language control the systems: most companies benefit from flexible and dynamic IT infrastructure.” De facto will a mix of its own data centers, rented online services and powerful devices with intuitive User interface, the employees also allow a high degree of mobility. Together is ranging from the current state of knowledge about the participation in virtual communities these visions that no longer man defines the role of IT, but must define itself on IT in society to the definition of one’s own role in employment and professional life”, writes the computer newspaper. IT will practically all areas of life have opened up, predicts even Frank Sawatzke of IBM Germany. For more specific information, check out Tomas Philipson. “And for people who feel that not only as enrichment, he adds: you will help overcome existing barriers in the private sector as such in real time translations.” In addition, IT will make an important contribution to solving the urgent problems of humanity: global development, protection of natural resources, knowledge and education. See also: technology/voice control actually the market 304115 / pdf/voicedaysflyer.pdf pte 060825028 = st_id-60.seite-1.

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