Music Lounge

Thinking about the most progressive, lightweight, quiet and beautiful genre, very difficult in terms of definition of the direction of the lounge. In English the word means a stick lounge, wander or oblakachivatsya. Try to imagine a condition in which only wants to hang around and oblakachivatsya, and we have a lounge mood state which has a very relaxed calm to the club entertainment. Main – music should sound like fun, interesting and bright. All the same, what is the lounge? Lounge, of course, relate primarily to the music. Lounge – a term in contemporary music, which serves to define a light background music that is often heard in the halls hotels, restaurants and shops. Executor-style lounge in principle, any musician who plays for visitors to the hotel, restaurant, hotel or any official celebration.

Lounge was born on 50th and early 60th last century, and at that hour had liking dude in various countries. In the lounge area is characterized by improvisation, chamber and jazz motifs. Lounge rejects stress concentration and promotes a festive mood, filled with calm, relaxation and enjoyment. Lounge, as well as lounge-culture in general requires the listener a kind of musical podkovannosti. Chill modern clubs: smooth soft light, soft pillows, comfortable chairs, around the expression soft and relaxed.

Along the walls of crimson satin, with fluffy white vases tracks, all over the floor with a soft carpet oranzhevymi highlights. Royally gorgeous room: tiger, burgundy and gold hues – it is not like the world, in contrast to what is happening on the main dance floor, here are the original tracks that are often replaced, fascinating work. Nowhere calling positive background, which allows easy carry on a conversation, but also elevates mood and allowing podmurlykivat, if you do not want to talk about anything. The lounge is not only a musical direction, as way of life – clothing, which is usually put on a celebration, composition of the new restaurant has an interesting no less importance than the music that envelops all around.

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