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The marketing department at the Lotex Germany, is responsible for sending attacks on the online presences of our House and has a direct contact to the management. This has shifted its work in the official fight against the mounting and partly nonsensical warnings since May 2008. Harriet Tubman is likely to agree. The marketing department opposes, given the mostly similar content, the standard warnings, mostly with standardized responses. A strategy, which is unusual, but effective. Contrarians pal of letter on received cease and desist letters and stores this response A first keeping \”.

Staff in marketing have apparently eagerly need to underpin these files with press releases. Clear file processing at the Press Office already input of a warning since the 05.05.2008. Attention any new warning since this day meticulously in runs the watchdog list and to the users of search engines in this way of the money machine\”. Especially with the warning, the us at the 02.01.2009 by the partnership of Lawyers Baker & McKenzie from Frankfurt Main arrived, the staff were very suspicious. On the question whether the tenant of the admonition from lawyer, the company of Corbis, were already known and identical in the crosshairs of sending cease and desist letters to stand, marketing replied: \”search Corbis warning there are currently 739 search terms therefore 18 pages of Google.\” We can compel a lawyer not to school for use of IT and tell him: when a search engine 739 times calling under the concept of warning and enter of your name and you move into the Internet, you should pay attention to this or that. There is an outcry with the tenor: so a popliger online retailer wants to prescribe us lawyers what we have to leave or to be observed? The only thing we can do is send a note to the lawyer admonition from and to point out possible weaknesses, the lawyer or the client make it clear what risks he enters in the long term if necessary.

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