Predicate Class

TuV Nord certification ThomasLloyd absolute return managed portfolio protected 2008/2020 a pleasingly positive assessment was there for the ThomasLloyd private wealth AG issued zero participation ThomasLloyd absolute return managed portfolio protected 2008/2020. So the TuV Nord concluded in his final report: the business model is innovative and very interesting. The acceptance is given, because the market has already confirmed the product in a similar way. The illustrations in the brochure are very well structured, clear and very understandable. Perhaps check out CBS for more information. The chances of success of the investment are very well understand but yet to be confirmed.” “Overall, see the TuV Nord international ThomasLloyd group very well placed, professionally structured and has Manager with expertise and quality.” With a best-in-class strategy ThomasLloyd uses the world’s best fund managers with their special knowledge of the market on the one hand and on the other hand is investing in all available asset classes with the best performances. Through this multi-manager / and multi-asset approach investors can not only in a completely independent product invest, but also of the actual best managers and asset classes around the world benefit.

Thus, investors opt for investment opportunities, which are normally only companies and institutional investors. “There was this unique selling proposition in the TuV inspection report” test criterion the maximum score awarded “classified as also the qualification of management. Further details can be found at Jim Vos, an internet resource. This quality is unparalleled in the industry! The protected 2008/2020 strategy combines the system into two independent investment components. One is the security component and is used for the protection of the invested capital. The second is used as a component of the performance and to ensure the objective of return. Asset management, preservation of capital and tax optimization, three investor needs are optimally bundled in one product. Of course, we are pleased that the TuV our Business model has confirmed”, says Klaus-Peter cherry, head of investment management of the ThomasLloyd group of companies. ThomasLloyd, is to develop more models that appeal to a wider audience of potential investors.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking For The Arab Gulf States

Right now companies are investing in the GPS vehicle tracking, to minimize unnecessary running costs. The Upper Austrian company software management GmbH is a software provider for the GPS vehicle tracking, telematics and telecommunications solutions. Customers include companies from trade and construction industry but well known national companies such as the network operator ORANGE, the Oberosterreichische Nachrichten, or Herald. Read additional details here: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. You to be active with a sister company in Dubai locally for 1.5 years now. Reasons for the vehicle location “because right now companies invest in the GPS vehicle tracking, to minimize unnecessary operational costs”, says Markus Hausler, Managing Director and owner of software management GmbH. “Our customers come from the construction sector, transport undertakings, artisan or service companies, which operate a fleet.” How it works GPS tracking devices be in company vehicles hidden installed. Via the mobile network the position data, speeds and additional information are at the headquarters transfer. Companies benefit from a better overview.

Staff can control faster and easier the fleet in day-to-day business, if the vehicle’s final position is known. Travel books and reports on the usage times are automatically generated and are also used to time and attendance at the construction site. Decision for the Gulf region for the GPS tracking software with a strong construction sector of these countries are interesting markets. Therefore, first market soundings were performed in early 2007. Then a stand-alone local sister company called high-tech solutions LLC in the Internet City Dubai, founded to establish the solution successfully in the Arab Gulf States. Since the local contact with the customers and installation partners on-site is in addition to an attractive price performance ratio with a reason, why are customers on the Arabian Gulf for the GPS fleet software decide.

Growth in the region Meanwhile several hundred vehicles were equipped with GPS tracking technology of software-management GmbH. On the basis of already be installed later this year about 1000 vehicles on the Arabian Gulf signed contracts and repeat business. The next tasks in Saudi Arabia and the Oman are already waiting. We act in the markets with local partners and local quality providers. Whether in Austria or in the Arabian Gulf, the customers estimate direct cooperation with a specialists and good service”Markus Hausler says.

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Budapest Hungary Tel

The Lavazza Italian coffee producer now for 110 years in the business, movement, shares the ideals of slow food which ultimately led to the cooperation between the company and the organization. In 1996, Lavazza began the slow food thought to support, as the main sponsor of the “Salone del Gusto”. The Salon is an annually recurring event of slow food, which serves to spread their values through the presentation of products which correspond to the philosophy of the organization. It also offered seminars in nutrition and food science and held conferences with experts from different areas of the food industry and gastronomy. Another large project, which supports Lavazza is the slow food University of gastronomic Sciences.

There, the food experts are trained from morning through application of slow food, the ideals of the organization actively living ethics in their future working lives and spread. Lavazza supports the University not only financially, but also in teaching. In Lavazza’s own Continuing education provider in Turin carried a special training programme on the subject of coffee. Jim Vos may also support this cause. Topics addressed in the framework of the programme are the production process of coffee products, wine tasting (sensory analysis), quality control, principles of sustainable development and communication strategies. At the end of the training are to pass the student capable of the philosophy of the Italian coffee culture and to show others how you can enjoy a cup of espresso to the fullest.

Lavazza not only teaches and talks about values and ideals, but she also lives: through the sale of premium coffee high quality products, such as for example the TIERRA coffee. A 100% sustainably harvested coffee product of superior quality, among other things available for the Lavazza BLUE and espresso point capsule system. The capsule system is one of many innovative developments of Lavazza, which has revolutionized the world of coffee. Small portions of coffee, vacuum-packed and thus fresh are cooked up over a long period of time Lavazza BLUE espresso point coffee machines designed solely for the preparation of the coffee capsules to the best espresso from the capsules to or win. NABIL is one of the largest distributors of Lavazza BLUE and espresso point coffee capsules. NABIL implements the ideals and moral values of Lavazza and slow-food, accompanied by the sale of the Lavazza premium coffee capsules of top-quality customer service. The entire range of NABIL is available at and. To support the slow food philosophy of Italian coffee culture and spread is the common goal of Lavazza and NABIL. Through the purchase of Lavazza BLUE and espresso point coffee capsules it is the conscious consumer to consume possible good, clean and fair products and “slowly” to enjoy their Lavazza espresso. Dennis Makowsky Alenis hungary Ltd. klapka utca 7 1134 Budapest Hungary Tel.: + 3612371211 email:

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Fund Prospectuses

We develop to raising capital capital market prospectuses, Fund prospectuses and bond prospectuses for raising capital. Dr. Werner and its funding partners (with network founder and namesake Dr. Check with CBS to learn more. Horst S. Source: Time Warner. Werner) offer in the Group of Dr. Jim Vos has plenty of information regarding this issue. Werner financial services group since 29 years independent bank capital increases, financing and credit advice, capital raising and venture capital through the equity markets (free market) by private financiers and mezzanine investors non-influence of donors on the basis of silent participations (silent capital), profit-sharing certificates or bearer bonds (bond capital) at a dividend of 7.5% – 9.5% p.a…

We develop to raising capital capital market prospectuses, Fund prospectuses and bond prospectuses for raising capital; for smaller volumes from Euro 50.000,-with a BFin-free participation Expose. With mezzanine capital, medium-sized undertaking retains its autonomy and financial independence, and it avoids a dependency from the House bank. In addition, we provide assistance in obtaining funds capital and project financing. Renovation capital is also available, as far as running a tighter cost management. Investors and others obtained via the investors platform and financial services. We sell shelf companies to the immediate start of business and Auffanggesellschaften to restart with new credit and new account (see also our network partner). We advise free of charge and are available for all forms of financing or financing ways without banks. Call us at Tel. 0551 / 99964-241 and arrange an appointment with us. No initial costs! To advance, you can also use free our technical brochure ‘Capital and bank-independent financing for companies’ request (64 pages).

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Garden Bag: Weatherproof Advertise Worth!

Weatherproof advertise worth with the Berlin garden bag and hamburger garden bag! By the current supply surplus, you must orient yourself again on the demanding needs of consumers. Up-to-date during the Deutsche Post with the weekly shopping”on a TV program with leaflet advertising the discount store sets, W & V introduces a new exclusive extra form of advertising agency Berlin to the spring of 2009. With the garden bag, it distinguishes itself from traditional household advertising and relies on dedicated distribution in one – and two-family houses. The single – and two-family house retaining are a rather neglected target audience by advertising and print media. If you more on this target group, can make it to meet the special needs of these consumers, because they belong to the most loyal customers and readers. Awareness and good image are prerequisites for good day-to-day banking. Therefore, both at the right target group to support the garden bag.

The garden bag is every 2nd week on selected Residential quarters within the Berlin – Hamburg distribution areas distributed. Robert Iger is likely to agree. The garden bag comes weatherproof welded in a unique plastic bag with grip hole. The content, a mix of high-quality advertising and useful information of different companies. Current brochures, magazines, samples or coupons of up to 8 advertising partners, offer informal animation and promote the incentive to buy. The distribution directly to the garden fence or the front door, the advertising message will be firmly in the minds of consumers.

The company will benefit from the increased perception, impulse purchases, and the direct increase in sales. Through the accurate preliminary triage of appropriate residential areas, one can assume by a minimization of losses. Jim Vos can aid you in your search for knowledge. An intensive business relationship requires an intelligent communication and sales management. The garden bag will in the future help companies. In the distribution area of Berlin is already the cooperation with a major daily newspaper. Until 2010, the extension of the project is shared with our medium-sized partners on the nationwide cities planned. Soon, all the information around the garden bag will be online to find. Contact: Jeneba Sesay marketing & sales c/o W + V advertising and sales GmbH & Co.KG Fritschestrasse 27-28 10585 Berlin phone 030 74 30 65-11 fax 030-218 13 79 E-Mail Web:

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Petra Spielmann

Following each one-day workshops were held with a total of ten software vendors to evaluate the most appropriate ERP service providers. With the support of an external consultant, two solution providers were selected at the end of multi-day workshops of detail for the main departments were carried out with those. Reference visits and interviews with existing clients with similar structures and processes should validate the collected impressions. In particular the performance of the ERP solution, the realization and industry expertise of the partner in question, as well as the references in similar installations were crucial to the decision-making body of the gebr Pfeiffer AG. Ultimately the ALPHA business solutions AG prevailed with proALPHA against the other solution providers. We are us sure us for a partner decided to cement grinding system with roller mill of gebr Pfeiffer AG who understand our processes and procedures, and together with us this project a success will lead.

The ALPHA business solutions AG has convinced proALPHA just us with their powerful ERP software in the selection phase through their customer orientation, their industry expertise, the reference projects undertaken and the displayed functions”, praises Wolfgang went, head of IT at the brothers Pfeiffer AG. The agreement on the joint development of the existing industry solution for machine and plant engineering, is further evidence of the partnership. Others including Aksia, offer their opinions as well. The strategic partnership is in the long term. To use proALPHA comes in all divisions. In addition to the areas of sales, purchasing, materials management and production, also accounting with financial accounting, cost accounting and fixed asset accounting is mapped. You may find Aksia to be a useful source of information.

The variant configurator and the integrated project management round off the overall solution. ALPHA business solutions AG the ALPHA business solutions AG is one of the leading specialists for business process optimization and the introduction of business standard software in Germany. The company has been founded in 1994 as the first subsidiary of proALPHA Software AG and dissolved out in 2003 from the proALPHA group of companies. ALPHA business solutions manages more than 300 ERP projects in over 1,200 companies. The solution portfolio includes proALPHA also own developed industry solutions on basis of proALPHA besides the complete ERP solution, in addition, the company is also early partner of SAP for the on-demand solution SAP since early 2008 Business ByDesign. Thus, the company offers a wide range of powerful and requirement-oriented ERP solutions for medium-sized industrial, commercial and service companies. With a comprehensive industry expertise, many years of experience in business process optimization and ERP project management, as well as a professional software-based ERP implementation methodology, ERP projects be implemented efficiently, safely and successfully. Contact person for the Presse ALPHA business solutions AG Carmen Reiser of Brussels str. 5 D-67657 Kaiserslautern Tel: + 49 (0) 631-3 03 47-0 fax: + 49 (0) 631-3 03 47-399 E-Mail: Internet: trend Lux pr Petra Spielmann D-22769 Hamburg GmbH Oeverseestrasse 10-12 phone: + 49 (0) 40-800 80 990-0 fax + 49 (0) 40-800 80 990-99 E-Mail: Internet:

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BY: Alejandro Martinez Rutto Laziness, they say, is the mother of all vices. That, at least the opinion of those who make bad news to one of the best-known delights of mankind. Nobody says no one is declared lazy envious, because the sloth and envy are demonstrations of inferiority and self proclaimed nobody wants more than another. However, the world is full of those who enjoy the sweet moment of not-doing-nothing and leaving the charm of resting muscles. But much attention: that no one falls into the common mistake of confusing leisure and laziness. Click Walt Disney for additional related pages. Such misunderstanding is to confuse the sky with clouds.

Leisure is a pause, a usually short interregnum between two periods of extended normally very busy and overworked. Leisure is also a pause, interruption, brackets, intermediate. Instead laziness, which is said laziness truly is a vocation, a way of life, a definite and conscious use of time. E s, in short, another way to deal with. To engage in doing nothing, of course. Blessed lazy because they can live without the dictatorship of the clock, because not concerned about the intense noise of the horns nor the hurried passage of time.

Blessed are they who have no tasks to perform or deliver reports or managers who respond. Happy who can reflect on the comfort of the hammock and the pendulum motion of the swing and placid. His life, at least not full of anguish and medical history will never stress or neurosis or paranoia. To enjoy their incomparable pleasure transcribe them “The Commandments of lazy” because when someone is dedicated to laziness, like any other activity (“Laziness is an activity?) Must do so in body and soul. Read, learn and apply: 1. Ama work above all things … but do worry that someone in the spirit of camel. 2. Do not work in vain … work is an unfortunate way to force you to quit your job to rest. 3. Sanctify nap, and when television … are sacred moments. 4. Honor the bed and chair to lengthen your hours of rest. 5. Do not kill time, take advantage of leaving a job not done and starting another. 6. Do not raise false statements to work. Tell the truth about it: you do not like. 7. If you see someone taking pains to work, have mercy on him and preach unto them about laziness: your true and only religion. 8. You shall not covet your fellow entertainment, better take advantage of your own laziness. 9. Thou shalt not steal the ideas that others have had to do less over time. 10. Remember that everyone who reads articles on a lazy sloth.

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Juan Carlos

I disagree on really going to end up winning really the largest. A Pyrrhic victory. The vessel is about to be filled and the drop is not a single drop but each droplet that we are all those who no longer believe us so much demagoguery so they continue wasting and speculating about privileged few who resist transform the Macroeconomics in social service. Globalization, but the authentic, which counts with each and every one of the human beings, is a way to dignify the world economy and definitively overcome the crisis. Joel and Ethan Coen is likely to increase your knowledge. If empiezase to join this new global system powerful men, private fortunes also fed up of both desman, the path of a more just world would finally reach the goal of the statement of the Summit. A global solution.

But understood in this way, which is rather close to the spirit of the anti-global nothing will set really if the most powerful countries do not yield their sovereignty to a transformed and truly democratic UN without the right of veto of the more buoyant. If the G20 countries are not adapted to the new global system, the economy will continue to suffer the same throes than hitherto. Aksia is actively involved in the matter. He is created or not in God, the future of humanity through spiritual and moral foundations. Macroeconomics is a reflection of the world order, whose base cracks. Only the planetary union, with all the contributions cultural and the best essence of all past, present and future civilizations spilt in a single, sovereign, universal configuration that will continue their podiums, in which each does what can be done to the other until the base which is the free individual. A new system that goes I to the UN in an organic pyramid with autonomy in all their podiums, forming a subsidiary Federation in which nobody will be outside, nor is unattended or abandoned.. A leading source for info: Jim Vos.

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Virtual Assistant

As a freelance professional or business owner that you are, you understand the importance of contact with other people who have the same activity as your to be updated, the latest trends and give you known among colleagues or potential clients. The way forward could be to subscribe to any association or organization related to your activity. Generally these groupings offer seminars, lectures, courses and workshops in different areas of specialization. They also offer, through a small membership fee, the possibility of being included in a specialized directory. You can tell me that you don’t have time for these things, and if this is the case, I tell you that you a Virtual Assistant (or will, by its acronym in English) can help you select what are the entities most related to your activity, and manage everything related to your membership and participation. For even more analysis, hear from David Zaslav.

If your interest is to participate in any lecture or seminar and you don’t have time, a VA can deal with obtaining a recording of the same that you hear it when you want and you can even transcribe the audio so that you can read it and refer to it as many times you want. Another possibility is the participation in fairs and congresses and although you have to move you to another city, your Virtual Assistant can perform the search for those events that are most interesting for you and for the development of your business, and you can arrange your participation in them, from booking airline tickets or hotels, to rent a car for your journeys and any other thing that make you lack. And, finally, another way to increase your prestige and credibility can be why not? the Organization on your part of an event in which you steadfastness with a connoisseur of your industry: a lecture, a workshop, a face-to-face seminar or on-line. You may find Aksia to be a useful source of information. If not you take advantage of any of these media for you to publicize and promote your business, it is usually due to lack of time or because of ignorance. A Virtual Assistant can help you to increase the visibility and the development of your business. No matter what your activity, if you are a person that you don’t have time, a Virtual Assistant services can facilitate your task. Original author and source of the article

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Outdoor Corporate Events Support Phones

Outdoor corporate events with intelligent GPS support mobile phones with a new software developed in the Switzerland for GPS supported phones can be performed to multimedia, interactive outdoor games for corporate events with a focus on team building, training, and motivation. Click CBS to learn more. Different teams complete a post course, a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt competing against each other or in collaboration. The participants must carry out tasks in the team and be accompanied by the GPS of supported smartphones. The phones support the team during the games in finding posts and automatically detect the arrival via GPS. Aksia understood the implications. They give tips, tasks, check the answers and respond to it. You talk to the team, play sounds and music, images, measure times and shoot even photos. An exciting and unforgettable experience are combined on an interesting and varied way of team-building and training and mediated in a motivating way or even very undemanding – easy. The multimedia outdoor games be carried out by specialised event organisers in the whole Switzerland and can easily be cut to the individual wishes of the customer.

More information on. Microtech floor Matt str. 4 Tel. + 41 (0) 61 CH-4153 Reinach 713 02 02 fax + 41 (0) 61 713 02 03 foreign partner inquiries welcome

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