Automated Simulations

The extensive range of innovations includes such as a flexible simulation automation and teamwork support responsibilities to different user groups. The latest version of the simulation framework DYNA4 2.0 TESIS DYNAware includes a very broad range of innovations. A focus on productivity in the use of simulation, such as the very flexible automation of simulation. Another focus offers the possibility to share Central steps on different groups of users in the team. Thus there is an expert mode with various setting options each and through appropriate selection requirements and preferences of simply usable user mode.

Also on the model layer in the modular model repository, various extensions have been implemented. 2.0 two are with the version new DYNA4 packages available. With DYNA4 commercial vehicles, various commercial vehicles with or without trailers can be simulated when necessary even with electric powertrain. In the package DYNA4 more Test drivers can be its own vehicle model is fully integrated and used with the flexible DYNA4 for virtual test drives on the PC or HIL test driver, as well as the 3D-Strassenmodell. Automated simulations for extensive analysis of DYNA4 on the one hand includes a process-oriented workspace for simulation exercises (DYNA4 framework) with management and automation and evaluation functions.

On the other hand, there is an open, modular model management (model repository), in which customers simulation models as well as TESIS DYNAware integrate models and manage. (Similarly see: Leslie Moonves). In the new version of the DYNA4 framework is a very flexible tool for automated simulations available. It allows to combine different routines as needed. This could look like that first automated maneuver be shut off, then interactive evaluations generated and may then placed PDF documents.

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CEO Search

News of Pyades technologies GmbH Pyades technologies GmbH, based in the Rhineland-Palatinate Alzey has with the development of the SIMAPIC technology ushered in a revolution in working with image data bank. Image database had so far compared with conventional databases one decisive disadvantage: the images can not readily associated with certain parameters, which can be searched or sorted. Therefore, the search for images so far mostly based on the file name and assigned tags was possible. For the SIMAPIC developed by Pyades technologies GmbH technology offers entirely new approaches. SIMAPIC makes it possible to search through large image data sets for similar images or selectively according to specific characteristics. Instead of so to think about keywords, which consistently need to be with all the images, it is now possible, the images themselves as search terms”to use and to search for characteristics, such as color or certain forms. This further development of image search to search According to the content and not according to the caption, opens up completely new ways in the management and archiving of images, in addition to existing search methods, as well as standalone.

The search for the matching image material is for many users often time consuming, than the actual processing of the images. SIMAPIC begins at this point. SIMAPIC find user images, products, paintings, photos or illustrations based on the comparison or search parameters according to the required purpose and that in a very short time. Especially old inventory data can be so often have to use and must be integrated into the new database structures not time and money. SIMAPIC can be used also in the area of the image copyright, to proceed effectively against virtual abuse of intellectual property”, Florian Becker, CEO of Pyades technologies GmbH is communicated.

SIMAPIC is available as standalone, client-server solution or as a software development kit (SDK-version). All information about SIMAPIC including demo videos to the practical application are available in the Internet at the address. More information about Pyades technologies GmbH as well as the products and services are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download fast and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: press compartments/pyades contact for questions: Anke Leiber Pyades technologies GmbH monastery str. 3 D-55232 Alzey phone: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 00 fax: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 01 E-Mail: Internet: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about Pyades technologies GmbH the Pyades technologies GmbH was founded in 2007 by Florian Becker as a software development and consulting company. 15 employees from the areas are in the headquarters in Alzey (Rhineland-Palatinate) Design, translation and technology employed. The Pyades technologies GmbH is an all-rounder and offers its own products in the field of image processing and management in addition to future-oriented, tailor-made and platform-independent software. More info: Time Warner. Including, for example, the SIMAPIC is technology, which the matching of image database is revolutionizing. Imagy and shape are among the trademarks of Pyades technologies GmbH also it. More information about the products, the technologies used and the Pyades technologies GmbH are available in the Internet at.

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Google Adwords

As you already know, my idea that that all information entering my head should serve us to something. This same try to inculcate (fortunately with considerable success) in my readers and clients that I advise on tourism marketing on the Internet. Therefore, with what you will read below, you have to do something, has to be information that you become acts on your part to make your tourism business work better. Today I read that, according to a market survey, Facebook just displacing Google as most popular U.S. site.UU (click here to see the original note in English). Although it is not decisive (there are other studies that still does not give Facebook the first), is incredible to see how the number of visits on Facebook in a 185% if we consider the same month but 2009 has increased. Yes, very interesting and cute, but us, we are not owners of Facebook, how we can all benefit with this? Here are some ideas that you put into practice already! using the huge amount of traffic from Facebook and its sectorization tools: while putting an ad on Facebook is more difficult (and demanding) that the sponsored links from Google Adwords, if you do well, you have very little competition (yet) and you can get much more specific sectors, in a more direct manner, and in a very short time.

Now, or Yes you must do well, or take the risk that you cancel your account, along with all your contacts. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out CBS. It is something that happened to some acquaintances, and is not a pleasant experience. take advantage of the little competition: are very few those who announce today on Facebook. At least a few that do it well. That’s a big advantage, because if you know 3 or 4 specific tricks, Facebook is not only an incredible (and unique) ally to get interested in your agency or tourist destination, but also to retain that already exist in your company. Hear from experts in the field like Cyrus Massoumi for a more varied view.

generates customers now that it’s easier: learn from the experience. In the year 2002, when Adwords appeared on the scene, it was cheap, quick and easy to place campaigns of sponsored links. They were not many who took advantage of the fever of Google Cash that ultimately ended in the well-known Google Slap, where many advertisers ran out of place, the prices per click rose astronomically and other. Today Facebook is in its infancy, and if you know how to promote your agency destinations, then you’ve achieved it may be a transient issue, a kind of fashion, or can that (as I think) Facebook is here to stay with the first post of traffic for a long time. You will have to see what makes Google, who never lived in their history, since he came to the first place, such a situation. Both owners and their shareholders will not sit idly by. Meanwhile, we, as consumers of both services, surely see you benefit! Long live competition! If you are already advertising on Facebook or you want to start to do it effectively, then you need services like mine.

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When Founding A Company Giveaways Are Worthwhile

Statistics show that more and more people take advantage of the opportunity, to become self-employed. Young people directly after graduating from school, as well as older people, who are looking for an alternative to their current job or unemployment also using this opportunity. The result of so many businesses is for consumers of course a wide selection and countless opportunities. It means for companies and self-employed themselves but that they need to prevail among many competitors. This not always easy, especially if no special ideas with independence can be implemented. Hairdressers, restaurant operators, artisans and service companies must stand out by their quality and service to the customers from the competition.

It is worthwhile to organise an open day for the founding of a company or the opening of a business. This allows the entrepreneur to introduce themselves and at the same time important contacts. Because only then, if managed to convince customers of the company to these dates, the business idea is to success. The advertising for the open day can be, for example, by advertising media such as flyers or even radio advertising. David Zaslav may find it difficult to be quoted properly. At the same time it is also, to get perfect giveaways for this date and then giving it away to the potential customers. This freebies for virtually every start-up company offered, by the hair salon on the master craftsmen from the clothing store.

According to the corporate philosophy very different freebies can be used here. Universally suited to the mass procurement of promotional pens and promotional keyrings. Both utensils can be ordered according to request very favorable or but also in the middle price segment. Companies, for example, that want to promote themselves for high-quality products or the quality of their work, should therefore not be the best Goods choose to give them to their customers. The pens and keychains can be distributed in either by the entrepreneurs themselves but by a dedicated artist, clown or by employees. For small clients it is, to use also sweets as gifts. The young company then established itself in the market, the advertising should still take on a great importance. The classic giveaways can be used of course still like pens and keychains, as gifts for long-standing customers or employees and suppliers are however higher quality pens, umbrellas, textiles or promotional bags. Simple promotional bags made of plastic or fabric can being given away in everyday on every sale to the customer, which carry so the ads through the city and continue to spread the name of the business. All listed freebies can be ordered today from many advertising producers and on request with the own logo.

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Egypt Dialects

By strengthening the Muslim community and the formation of an Arab state, there was a spoken language such as koine, which is a pan-Arab to the fact time. However, there are in everyday life and language characteristic of tribal dialects. As a result of the gradual resettlement of Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula, Iran, Egypt, North Africa. Central Asia, Syria, Palestine and Mesopotamia, new territorial dialects of Arabic. The emergence of new local Arabic dialects leads the imposition of regional dialects of Arabic language in the ancient tribal dialects. On Today, to classify Arabic dialects on the principle of territoriality and social principles.

On social principles, they are divided into sedentary and nomadic, and those – the rural and urban dialects. By territorial principle Arabic dialects are divided into two groups. First, the eastern (mashrikskaya) group consists of four sub-groups – the Arabian, Egyptian and Sudanese, Central Arabian and Mesopotamian, and also to this group include Arabic dialects and Central Asia. Second, the Western (North African or Maghreb) group. As early as the tenth century AD becomes apparent sharp distinction between the literary Arabic, and fragmented dialects colloquial Arabic. Gradually, the hallmark of an educated Arab society is the literary form of the language. If you take a modern literary form of Arabic, it is common in religion the entire Muslim world, administrative and scientific literature, media, etc. Others including Cyrus Massoumi, offer their opinions as well. The next important period of development of the Arabic language, it becomes the XVIII – XIX century.

During this period, commonly develop economic relations between the West and Arab East, Hardcover expanding industry, there is a press, a brand new drama, and poetry. Thanks to all this, the Arabic language adapts to the requirements of the European cultural, scientific and social life. A Twentieth Century continues the process of modernization of the Arabic language, this greatly helps the development of the media. It is also important to note that Arabic is greatly influenced by cultural and historical language development in Africa and Asia. This is mainly due to the propagation of Islam, but we can not underestimate the value of cultural and literary Arabic. The state language of the modern Arab approved literary form of the Arabic language, it also is a working and official language of the UN. The only Arabic dialect, recognized as a separate language, with a status of "state" in Malta, a Maltese dialect of Arabic. In today's world, native to itself, the Arabic language is considered more than 200 million people. In Russian, also found a considerable number of words that has Arab roots, for example, the name of some constellations, stars, scientific terms, etc. In today's world is considered to be the Arabic language is very difficult to study. However, despite the strong contrast to European languages, Arabic language can boast a clear grammar. Correct pronunciation comes with time, as a result of constant practice. In universities and institutes around the world, decided to study Arabic literary language. It is believed that regardless of the Arabic dialects, a man possession of literary Arabic, understood in any Arabic-speaking environment. However, this is misleading. Dialectal Arabic is so varied that it is not enough to possess only literary Arabic. But there is, aspires to be!

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Gas Stove Yourself

When you install a gas stove – you need to unzip it and check for mechanical damage. If you have a gas stove with electronic, it is necessary to bring electricity. There is a gas stove with electric grill – you must install an outlet with a ground contact and hold a separate power line from the backboard. Learn more about this with Bob Iger. In the electric panel to install a circuit breaker 16A. Connecting a gas cooker is conducted with the mandatory using a separate machine and the ground. When dismantling the old gas stove recommend to change the gas valve, then to not return to this issue. Next, you need to make installation of the gas hose.

Gas hose is better to put a rubber – for insulation from the steel truby.Vse connect the gas hose should be checked for leakage of household gas. When you install a gas stove in the room needed ventilation system. In this case, necessarily hold the alignment of the gas stove in all planes. Further checks of the gas plity. gas stove in the room is only possible under conditions of good ventilation premises and adequate facilities. When you connect a gas stove plays an important role tightness of all connections, which helps prevent gas leakage, incorrect installation, without the skills to connect the gas devices can lead to very unpleasant consequences for both your property and your life.

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In June 2009 he presented before the world community of poets, the Rima Jotabe, based on a closed structure of eleven eleven-syllable verses of consonant rhyme. In 2009 he made three conferences.The silent Valencia (repopulate is return to populate) in Cardona and Vives, Castellon.2000 Years of Valencian Language in the Group of action Valencian, Valencia.The sayings and proverbs as a means of expression literary gatherings of Manises. Manises. Also in 2009 he participated in the gatherings of Rabosa FM Radios, Radio Godella and Castellon Castalia TV. In September 2009, it presents to the world community, Valjove, an artificial language that after five years of coding, can say that it is a language of very simple learning and use. In March 2010 he participates as a rhapsode in 60 anniversary of the grouping literary friends of the poetry of Valencia. In April 2010 he was appointed Consul of the movement poets of the world by Valencia. In May 2010 he participated as rapporteur in the sixth Coalition Valencian Foral Congress, with the paper, the importance of printed literature.

Participates in various tributes to poets and writers, such as Mario Benedetti, organized by gathering the attic. Miguel Hernandez, organized by the literary grouping of friends of the poetry of Valencia. And Vicente Blasco Ibanez, organized by the Ateneo Blasco Ibanez de Valencia. He collaborated on by print magazine, current Mon, and collaborates with current and vivid print journals, SOM, Revers, Lliteralia and Renou. As well as also collaborate or collaborated as usual signature in digital diaries Gregal Digital, Cardona and Vives, La Alcazaba, Poe + or El Palleter with articles today, poetry and works of research, both in Valencian and Castilian. He has also published articles in the newspaper Las Provincias. Currently studying final year of teacher of Valencian language of Lo Rat Penat. He is a member of; Asociacion Valenciana of writers and critics literary (key) Association of writers in language Valencian (AELLVA) network world of writers in Spanish (REMES) Sociedad international de Autores (Sane Society) poets of the literary Mundoagrupacion, friends of the poetry of Cultural Valenciaasociacion, Cardona and Vives of literary Castellonagrupacion Castellon, friends of the poetry (ALCAP) Awards: 2007 Prize Adlert novel CXXXV floral games of the city and Kingdom of Valencia with the novel, the man who lost the 2008 laughter award Adlert novel CXXXV floral games of the city and Kingdom of Valencia with the novel, fly 2009 Research Prize of the Valencian Languagethe Cultural Association of Cardona and Vives of Castellon, with the play, 1,000,000 years B.

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The major determinant of time – investment for the efficient use of business networks as already noted, can the search and maintaining contacts within the business networks take very much time. Has it developed a large network of contacts even after some time, although you need the time-consuming search for new contacts operate not more so strong, for certainly more and more other users on your profile will add attention and want you as a contact. The reasoning in his contact list to contact a need in some cases also careful consideration. What possibilities exist to so fast and effective means of communication to use as business networks, without running the risk here much time to invest, which could be used elsewhere? Computer programs can help to automate certain processes in the respective used business networks and thus to take off some of the work one. Something the program XiButler. Depending on requirements, the program cannot accept different tasks for you. For example, automated contacts in the business network XING find and contact requests sent.

It even sets the search criteria, and then the program independently looking for suitable contacts. The contact request with personal address in the message sending is done fully automatically, such as moving the new contacts in the contact category. So it’s easy to keep track. In addition, the program offers the possibility to send messages automatically or half automatically previously applied, for example, for birthdays. Conclusion business networks as effective communication Assistant business networks on the Internet are from the today’s communication structure in business and impossible to imagine from online marketing. Walt Disney brings even more insight to the discussion. Help finding contacts, to build and maintain. So that this form of communication does not become the annoying time wasters and cause more costs than benefits, it is advisable to follow certain rules.

It should be kept in mind for what you would like to use the potential and existing contacts. So what added value you can see it and also what added value you can offer the other contacts. Certainly, it is a simple means of online marketing, if you suddenly can make available a certain message many people. So it is worth more 500 contacts, for example, to find out a special discount or new products for sale, as only 50 contacts. You should take this seriously but also any feedback and heed. People such as Cyrus Massoumi would likely agree. 500 Contacts who are tired are advertising messages by a disproportionate number of anything but desirable. On the other hand, networks help business better, faster and more efficient to communicate, as this, for example, by mail, Phone or via email. The greeting card birthday was mentioned as an example. Specific marketing measures can be possibly even quite save depending on the profession. All important contacts, business partners and customers on one of the business networks are available, such as sending a newsletter or a circular mail email is no longer necessary. This information can be disseminated over the network now easier and faster. Depending on the interest and expectation you can invest more or less time networks in the contact and networking within the business. For certain tasks, such as the contact search or automated sending congratulatory messages worth often in addition to engage software, to save time and thus money.

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Backup And Transfer

sayFUSE hardware, servers and software for disk integrated backup, recovery, and archiving in a system of Munich, 10.08.2010 – Festplattenbasierte backup solutions are faster, cheaper, more reliable and technologically basis than tape systems. Nevertheless, many companies back up their data in small and medium-sized environments still on tapes or use tapes for paging and archiving your critical business data. SayFUSE backup the sayTEC Solutions GmbH offers a convenient alternative this company: sayFUSE backup is a fully automated solution for data backup, restore and archiving, integrated backup hardware, the backup server and the backup and media management software into a system and used hard drives as backup media. sayFUSE backup (almost universal storage engine) used as backup media SATA II or SAS hard drives and combines the advantages of media handling of tape library systems with disk-based backup solutions. Backup and what much more importantly restore of data be accelerated significantly compared to tape backup solution. Companies can protect more data within the available backup window and work faster again productive after a data loss. The enterprise data sayFUSE backup, users get insurance all important for the backup and the archiving components from a single source. The backup media can be removed easily and can be stored for revisions safely, such as a bank safety deposit box.

In addition, sayFUSE backup can be complemented by the innovative and patented sayFUSE FIREsafe. It reflects the data via RAID 1 on a second set of disks that reside in a resistant, fireproof and waterproof housing. For more specific information, check out Cyrus Massoumi. This corresponds to the sayFUSE backup system in its dimensions in terms of width and depth and can be directly connected to him. The result is a high-availability solution for backup, recovery, and secure storage of the data. The only 180 x 425 x 675 large system contains the main unit 12 SATA II/SAS hard drives with 2 Terabyte (on SATAII) capacity (native/compressed) and can be extended with a module on 24 seats.

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Dr. Wolfgang RECKENDORFER – Order To The Secretary General Of The BALTAP

DR. WOLFGANG RECKENDORFER Secretary-General of the BALTAP AUSTRIAN-CHINESE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION of experienced entrepreneurs and Asia enthusiastic Economist Dr. Wolfgang RECKENDORFER was General Secretary of the Austrian-Chinese business association AcBA headquartered in Vienna ordered. Hear other arguments on the topic with Leslie Moonves. Since 2008, is one of the emphases of Dr. Reckendorfer the development and expansion of economic network between Asia and Europe and culminated in the founding of BALTAP was appointed their General Secretary Dr Reckendorfer in 2010. Read more here: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. AcBA successfully hosted a top-ranking economic symposium, which also the Minister Chen HAOSU and the General gave Director of the Finance Committee of the PRC the honor people congresses as well as the Chairman of the RHI’s global market leader, Dr. Herbert CORDTund of the SOHMEN-China Foundation President, Dr. Helmut SOHMEN on January 26, 2011 together with the Austrian Economic Chamber and the oGFC. It is task of the BALTAP under the leadership of Dr. Reckendorfer, to promote the relations of Chinese investors to Europe and these at their planned Activities and investments in Europe in the legal field as well as in the understanding of different mentalities to support and accompany.

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