Transparent World

We headed for a society without secrets? Braunschweig / Leipzig, June 6, 2011. Democratization and transparency are the most important buzzwords of modern societies. For these values was fought while long before the emergence of the Internet, but the increasing mechanization and digitization in driving the extreme: extreme democracy and extreme transparency or in short: A world without secrets. This changes everything from personal identity management, the innovation strategies of the companies to the political decision-making processes. How does a world in which the secrets disappear? I need to know all of the other and also not by me to him with confidence to handle. “In interreligious dialogue we learned that everything depends on, that ensure that the mystery of the other”, says the Bishop Prof. Paul Ostling will not settle for partial explanations. Dr. For assistance, try visiting Joel and Ethan Coen. Friedrich Weber.

Daniel Domscheidt-Berg is Wikileaks dropouts and established Openleaks. He gives Friedrich Weber regards the private sector, right. But where secrets will be abused. to hide unethical, there, we need more transparency. This degree must be redefined on the basis of the requirements for a global networked society.” There is hardly an area is so affected such as the Internet.

What keeps the Bloggerin Julia Schramm of the Pirate Party of a world without secrets, will explain them to future Congress of 2B of AHEAD think tanks, which takes place on June 14th and 15th in the Castle Trotha in Brunswick, on the 10. In addition four further questions will play a role on the future Congress: are we trust technology more than people? How do we China and the economics of uncertainty in future with the innovator? And are we to control in the future computers with our thoughts? This debate among important CEOs, the Scottish Chess Championship, an ex-Ambassador and a brain researcher. “2021: generation uncertainty” of the Congress will be on the 14th and 15th June 2011 on Castle Trotha near Braunschweig.

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Lake Constance

Everyday life remains behind them back you are suddenly in the harmony with the nature, time seems to stand still you can freedom in the Enjoy wide rushing through the blue water you have the control set allow all the ballast ashore in the hand and discover a different way even with an hour that you are on a sailing boat or motor boat, drive on the Lake, changes her perspective. You see things in terms of true and transferred from a different perspective. At once pull captivated other topics: sails set, drop, adjust the sails to the wind. Or start the engine, leaving from the port, and go to the width of the Lake. The local Radolfzell at Lake Constance is wonderfully suited. We make sure that everything is prepared by the water sports center Radolfzell. And even after the ride, you must continue to do nothing, as your boat.

Some of our clients even make it regularly to take advantage of the lunch break for a short break on the Lake. A weekend with extended tours of course also has a very good relaxation effect. As the owner of the water sports center Radolfzell, I got in the over 40 years our activities as licensed Sailing and motor boat teacher experienced many people quickly have found their inner balance on the water whether in introductory courses, full training or just when short trips. Connect with other leaders such as Paul Ostling here. Sailing brings additional experience: you experience the interplay of the elements human nature technology you can measure your strength with the wind you are dependent on each other, they form a team, keep it together, only in the team work experience pure adventure so for example the head doctor of a large clinic uses the sailing to be switched off. He often arrives Friday afternoon and takes a nearly 600-kilometre drive away in purchase, to get to Radolfzell am Bodensee – only to be able to on Saturday on the water.

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Technical University

Contact Steffen F. Follow others, such as Robert Iger , and add to your knowledge base. Schmitz Spokesman IKOM the career Forum at the Technical University of Munich Boltzmannstrasse 15 85747 Garching Germany Angelika Staab IKOM Life Science old Academy 1 85354 Freising Tel + fax + over the IKOM we socialize. Personally. The IKOM goes back to a student initiative dating back to 1989. The first IKOM, which was called at the time “industry contact Messe Munchen”, took place on July 4, 1989, with 25 companies.

Today the IKOM consists of three forums, where a total 260 companies from home and abroad take part. With the IKOM life science, the latest project of the IKOM for the second time opens its doors on May 6, 2009. The IKOM building the career forum for architects, surveying and construction engineers on January 21, 2009 already for the third time found on the main campus of the Technical University of Munich held. From 23 to 25 June 2009 the master event of the IKOM on Garching campus takes place in this year. Over 10,000 student visitors are expected. Thus the IKOM is the largest career Forum Southern Germany and occupies a leading role in the teaching of young potential national. The IKOM sees itself as a service provider for companies to develop the student career market effectively.

Objective is the students but as a reliable partner to offer the career orientation and to make contacts. Throughout the year plus offered a variety of workshops, lectures and excursions. Advisory services and in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich offered job market round off the offer. A team of more than 90 students behind the IKOM and thus forms the largest student organisation in Munich. The IKOM exclusively in volunteer work is organized. The IKOM operates non-profit.

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Hard Drive Technology

SSD drives are affordable for the private bar of computer use more popular and more and more. For several years, SSD (solid-state drive), i.e. Flash memory offered hard drives as an alternative to traditional data sources. Launch of first SSDs were the prices hardly compared to the available disk space. Now the manufacturer on the 4th and 5th generation arrived, visible to customers to better technology and falling prices. Hard drives the famous consumer electronics manufacturer Apple is used as an example of the growing popularity of SSD: work in all new ultra portable notebooks SSD hard drives, memory is used in IPods, IPads and IPhone.

Who thinks about buying an SSD, should inform about pros and cons of the technology. The data storage is done in solid state disks by semiconductor memory cell, similar to in USB sticks. As with conventional hard disks there is no mechanical disks in SSD. A failure or data loss due to mechanical failure is so unlikely. SSD are disk so predestined hardly compared to shock prone for mobile use. However, semiconductor cells have a limited life time, only a certain number of write operations on each individual cell can be performed.

Most consumer SSDs use memory that is 3000-10 000 x rewritable depending on the manufacturing process currently MLC. The manufacturers make sure that through the use of sophisticated control chips in normal use no SSD failure due to wear of all memory cells can be expected. The most important advantage of SSDs compared to traditional hard drives is the enormous increase in speed. Using new memory technology information hard disk within a fraction of the time read out by an SSD, need the conventional data stores. The computer starts faster, all programs are called in less time. The SSD technology is gaining market maturity and popularity, although still comparatively high cost. Although the press describes regular product defects in new models, which can result in potential data loss, most owners swear by but use of a SSD: the advantages of the technology are so serious that a normal disk usage appears to be barely conceivable after using an SSD.

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Do you want to increase your followers on Twitter so that more people read your updates?. You need to learn all about the label tweeting specific in order to build a prominent profile on Twitter. In this article I explain whats the best way to get more followers on Twitter, and the exact strategy you use. There are several ways to get followers. One of them is through the use of different strategies of traffic and others by the following points: to your Twitter profile is the same as any other web site?.

If you want to increase your number of subscribers of Twitter (followers), you need to take your Twitter profile-oriented traffic. Get your profile from Twitter as your own blog. Your profile is the first thing that vera people before deciding to follow you. You know how you have to develop. B. it offers incentives.

It gives a free guide if you continue. C. When you create your account, get tweets about 10 things that really add value to your potential customers, in a way that when people visit your Twitter profile, you can see your informational tweets, you will follow immediately. Recently David Zaslav sought to clarify these questions. These are some methods that you can use to send people to your profile. Used as a way of driving traffic: A – purchase ad banner on sites like Depending on your profile, you can get hundreds of followers in a single day. B the use of Twitter as a support tool to the customer on your web site. (C) organize a contest. (D) includes links to your profile in your email and Forum signatures. if you already have a base of subscribers, encourage them to follow you. Paul Ostling may not feel the same. Gives a free guide to them. F leave links to your account when you make Posts or comment on other blogs. G ask bloggers to recommend your profile. Or you can exchange recommendations. Still others: This is a safe way of increasing your Twitter followers. It only involves the Act of following other users. A. It follows from 50 to 100 people daily. You can find your target audience in the directory for sites like Twitter twellow B – there are many spammer on Twitter. Create fake profiles, simply follow others. You don’t need people like that. Therefore, before you follow someone, go to the page profiles and see if your account is genuine or false. C you can use tools like Twitter blacklist and identify persons who continue to as many users as possible to increase your number of followers. D – send Tweets about 5 times a day. Tweets about your past articles, latest news, discount offers. Use it to carry out session of frequently asked questions. Once you have reached the goal of 10,000 followers, it is very easy to sell your stuff or build reputation online.

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Advantages Of LED Technology – LED Lamps & LED Lighting

New bulbs revolutionize everyday life the benefits and applications of LED lights as E.g. LED headlamps daily accompany you us that they are without. It was a matter of course and is the bulb or the artificial light source, usually noticed only if it is defective. Without the artificial light, humanity would be never so quickly arrived in the present day and had never experienced this progress. A related site: David Zaslav mentions similar findings. Now it almost seems as though it were the good old light bulb on the collar. At the present time, the environmental protection and the conservation of resources is increasingly important. Unfortunately the old lighting in all points equally bleak. Most of the energy is wasted in pure heat and the Wolf cream wire light bulbs are prone to defects that lead short life to us all too well known. Go to CBS for more information.

Finally, there are new technologies that are affordable and easy to use for everyone. The LED technology is the most most technology. LED stands for \”light emitting diode\”, also Called light-emitting diode. These diodes have long into electrical appliances of all kinds. For example in consumer electronics as a signal light. A LED is a small semiconductor crystal, which lights up when a current is flowing through it. The effect is enhanced by a small tub of reflector, in which lies the semiconductor crystal. The modern LEDs have many advantages over the old lighting technology.

So a LED light compared to a light bulb saves full 90% power! This saves money, batteries and calm the minds of EU politicians, who want to push through laws Stromsparleuchten. In addition, lamps have LED a very long life span of up to 25 years or over 100’000 hours in continuous continuous. In contrast, a conventional light bulb with 1000 hours ridiculous truncates operating. Even with the light, you make no more losses. Today’s LED lamps are bright and have a rich colour, also they reach full brightness immediately and thus beat traditional Stromsparbirnen.

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New Technologies

The millenarian tarot has been source of consultation throughout the history of the humanity, to such point that the most encumbrados personages of the royalty appealed to the reading of letters of the tarot to be decided on important questions of state. It was custom that before sending itself to invade a neighboring nation, or to venture themselves to the conquest of new territories, the kings and emperors would call to their real tarotista and would listen to with attention the message that the arcane ones had to say to them. By these services, the tarotista of the court was considered a wise person, and their wealth and personal power multiplied. A case of an advisor who used to throw letters to the Russian real family was Rasputn. By the same author: Paul Ostling. The example is very clear of how these personages became rich and to sometimes they acquired a great power as advisers and until ministers of the court. Such thing did not exist as the tarot free. However, the question fits, what is the tarot, truly? It is a method to scale positions, an appraised gift that very few people have? The myth of the origin of the tarot says to us that the same was gift of the Egyptian Gods to the men, a legacy whose objective it was the laying of a bridge to the divinity. But one was not something for a few, but a good for the humanity.

The 21st century, with its new technologies, approaches to us great accumulations of knowledge by which the old ones had given a world to own. Simply entering Internet, with a pair of clicks we have all the information on the subject that interests to us, when before to obtain that now we read in abrir and closing of eyes, perhaps a life from studies to any wise person would have consumed him. The same happens to the tarot. At the present time it is possible to learn of the tarot online, something that centuries back had required a life dedicated to the extreme priest with so learning the ABC of the arcane ones. One of the most interesting services of tarot free is the one of.

The users of this site have the possibility of realising a distance online, of great quality and precision. Simply entering the site, in home same is the interface to realise the distance. How much the old ones would have paid by a reading like this? Nevertheless, now it arrives free at which is interested in the cartomancy. A dream of many fact reality: the tarot within reach of the masses.

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Web Technologies And SEO

Consideration of common Web technologies on the basis of search engine optimization to operate on-page optimization, which must underpin first technologies be viewed which Web pages can be implemented. Different technologies with different usage potentials have been created in the course of time. Usually, the aspect of search engine friendliness not in the focus of developers stood in technologies. Only with increasing use of search engine optimization was also a theme for new technologies. Following HTML be considered markup language and RIA technologies for the basis of an Internet site. Paul Ostling brings even more insight to the discussion. HTML HTML is probably the best-known and most-search engine friendly technology “.” Through the HTML source present in plain, search engines have it easy to extract information from a website. While no images and graphics must be loaded by Google, which already offer no information for search engines. Also, HTML provides the ability to structure the information in so-called HTML tags.

So, for example, one can headings in an H1 tag and a paragraph are taken within a P tag. The Web design should be designed not only with HTML, but with the help of CSS. For a search engine are very useful, the HTML tags as she could not distinguish otherwise, for example, between a text and a heading. Keywords in headings are more important than keywords in the body text in certain situations. Only with a General Convention such as the HTML standard, the search engine can also know what does what text module on a website. The HTML elements should be used so as the respective used HTML standard requires it. For this reason, each HTML page should have even a valid documents type. To validate a Web page, the HTML validator of W3C is advisable. Closer to look at HTML and its properties, the portal SelfHTML is advisable. It used to be common practice to create the website with HTML tables or frames.

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Condensing Technology

Potential savings through the use of condensing the gas heater is the modernization of gas heating is a heating system which can be operated with natural gas or bio-methane, but also with liquid gas (a mixture of propane and butane). Learn more on the subject from Robert Iger . Dry Harbor Nursing Home may help you with your research. The gas is burned, where heat is generated, transmitted to a medium usually water or even air. This medium, the heat transfer medium, is transported with a circulating pump in the rooms to be heated. In addition, also hot water is produced with a gas heater which can be stored in a buffer memory. Gas heating of the boiler with a burner, a gas pipeline and the fireplace is built on components essentially.

The boiler is the heart of the gas heating, which is water in the boiler approx. 30 80 C heated and used for space heating in a circuit. The protection against explosions is important when a gas heater. This is achieved via a so-called ignition fuse, which prevents, that unverbranntes Gas escaping from the gas heater. Modern gas heaters, thermocouples use this, because the thermal EMF generated by a flame, enough to keep open a solenoid valve for the gas supply. When the flame of the gas heater has gone out, a further gas supply is prevented by the closing of the solenoid valve.

This security technique particularly useful is the fact that she work without external power, but the inertness of the thermocouple can be problematic. There are conventional boilers and condensing conventional gas heaters and modern condensing boilers, which can better exploit the energy content of natural gas. When the condensing also the condensation heat of vapor can be used, which is located in the exhaust. The more hydrogen is natural gas, there will be more water vapor and more condensation heat can be used. Although the capital cost of a gas heating system with condensing technology are slightly higher, but the fuel consumption is lower, so that are to achieve savings in the long term. The energy efficiency of a condensing gas heating is significantly higher than that of a gas heater without condensing. In addition, such a heating system with much-improved emissions can score, what represents an active contribution to environmental protection. Please note special instructions for gas heaters with condensing technology, however, are features in the flue gas such as a pressure-tight and corrosion-resistant exhaust pipe and the introduction of the neutralized condensate in the wastewater. It is advisable to combine a gas heater, if hot water is required with condensing technology with an indirectly heated storage. Layers – as well as snake pipe storage are very well suited for this purpose. Because the loss of a modern furnace of value is lower than the gain in usable energy through condensation, these gas heaters achieve computational efficiency (based on the calorific value, not on the calorific value) by more than 100%.

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Biotechnology Industry

Automated cell cultures are advanced technology of the startups InnoCyte affordable Munich, July 13, 2011. Cell cultures are used for pharmaceutical research and development as essential, as for the production of biotechnological products, about vaccines or complex proteins. Though cells are often required in large numbers, their reproduction is mostly manually operated until today. Reason for this is the fact that so far very elaborately automated procedures and amounts from about 150 000 euro to spend are especially costly. Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation IPA, have succeeded in developing a technology, which allows to produce cells much easier and lower cost already from around EUR 25 000. In June, the engineers with participation of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft founded the InnoCyte GmbH to the commercialization of patented technology directed by Fraunhofer venture. The base product Split.It comes in the summer of 2012 on the market. Here, David Zaslav expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Almost all Life sciences work with biological cells from genetic research to drug development through to the construction of the fabric. The production of biological cells is a key process for the development and approval of drugs (pharmaceutical screening) and for the production of artificial tissues (tissue engineering). The significance of cell-based experiments and the safety of artificial tissues mainly depend on the reproducibility of the cell material. The automated cell production reduces the risk of contamination and errors that goes hand in hand with manual processing. At the same time increases the quality of cell cultures, because all Central processes run according to a standardized schema. For these reasons, many of the more than 40,000 cell culture laboratories are worldwide of a standardisation and automation of production processes are interested. Previous systems of automated cell cultures are very time-consuming and costly but by robot technology, to which they are linked, and therefore most laboratories prohibitively expensive. The founders of InnoCyte GmbH has developed a technology based on differences in pressure, which enables the automated production cells for one-sixth of the cost of previous system solutions: while amounts on approximately 150 000 euros must be applied for existing systems, the solution by InnoCyte about 25 000 euros is feasible.

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