Personal Finances

A solid financial situation is the aspiration of all human being. Nevertheless, to very they reach it few. According to the Statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau, by each 100 people who arrive at the 65 years: 36 no longer live? 54 live on the government or his families? 5 still are working because they must do it? 4 are well economically? 1 is rich. 5 of each 100 people only are or financially and more on 50% they depend on the government or his relatives! Although there are manifolds factors that affect the results of these statistics, without a doubt the deplorable level of the financial education of the people is one of them. Which are the measures that any person must implement if she wishes to improve his financial situation? 1. Without hesitation CBS explained all about the problem.

– To have your finances ordinates. It must know what owns, which wins. It astonishes the amount to me of people who daily write asking to me how to make more money. It is the mistaken question or, rather, too much little specific. It simply does not have sense to want to generate more money. It has that to know at the most it wants to generate.

It must have a goal thus to be able to elaborate a plan. And it will be able to have neither the one nor the other if it does not know where one is today financially. It knows what is its present patrimony? It knows whichever expenses has weekly, monthly and annually? Knows how much money will need to arrive in the style of life that is aspiring to have? Without these data it is going to be difficult to make a significant change in his finances, since a strategic plan will not be able to elaborate if it does not know clearly goals. Additionally, if it does not have been taking a good accounting with the money that it now has in his hands, don’t mention it does not serve to make more money to continue administering it bad.

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