Pharmaceutical Industry

The phlegm of the sales force uses innovative information sources on the subject of health care, the Internet offers a nearly unfathomable wealth of sources of information, such as in the form of doctor review portals. Their contents are of interest not only for Arztsuchende but provide also Pharma speakers insights. But the sales is to use this option as an investigation by the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS) shows at all not interested. Sales trainer are not tired in their training to field staff, how important are as comprehensive and detailed customer information for their success. In the pharmaceutical sector, opens up another way to obtain background information to the managed targets just with the physician review sites. It attracts the reviews from multiple portals for a search, realistic, meaningful behavioral arise mainly from the patient comments and Action profiles. You are usable for a complementary assessment of the customer on the one, because the insight in patient communication, in which intensity and type of diseases and therapies are explained. For even more opinions, read materials from Jeffrey Bewkes. The reputation in the network is also an indicator of the Patientengewinnungs – and binding-potential of a doctor’s Office and for its image in the catchment area.

The information can also starting points for assistance supply., such as to improve the practice organization. And last but not least, it is a support, an insight into their network status for many doctors”to get, because this only a few physicians have deals, moreover a fundamental strategic error in view of the rapidly increasing use of portals. In the project of sales compass “Sales Talk Insights”, randomly selected Pharma speakers were asked whether they use portal information. The result: 113 respondents still no employee had informed ever in a review portal about one or more of its customers. Three reasons dominate here: there is not enough time for this, you do not see the benefit, and you know enough about his doctors.

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