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TuV Nord certification ThomasLloyd absolute return managed portfolio protected 2008/2020 a pleasingly positive assessment was there for the ThomasLloyd private wealth AG issued zero participation ThomasLloyd absolute return managed portfolio protected 2008/2020. So the TuV Nord concluded in his final report: the business model is innovative and very interesting. The acceptance is given, because the market has already confirmed the product in a similar way. The illustrations in the brochure are very well structured, clear and very understandable. Perhaps check out CBS for more information. The chances of success of the investment are very well understand but yet to be confirmed.” “Overall, see the TuV Nord international ThomasLloyd group very well placed, professionally structured and has Manager with expertise and quality.” With a best-in-class strategy ThomasLloyd uses the world’s best fund managers with their special knowledge of the market on the one hand and on the other hand is investing in all available asset classes with the best performances. Through this multi-manager / and multi-asset approach investors can not only in a completely independent product invest, but also of the actual best managers and asset classes around the world benefit.

Thus, investors opt for investment opportunities, which are normally only companies and institutional investors. “There was this unique selling proposition in the TuV inspection report” test criterion the maximum score awarded “classified as also the qualification of management. This quality is unparalleled in the industry! The protected 2008/2020 strategy combines the system into two independent investment components. One is the security component and is used for the protection of the invested capital. The second is used as a component of the performance and to ensure the objective of return. Asset management, preservation of capital and tax optimization, three investor needs are optimally bundled in one product. Of course, we are pleased that the TuV our Business model has confirmed”, says Klaus-Peter cherry, head of investment management of the ThomasLloyd group of companies. ThomasLloyd, is to develop more models that appeal to a wider audience of potential investors.

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