Product Packaging

You must know that the first phase in the packaging process involves the correct introduction of a product within its respective container, either a Tin, boat, flexible packaging, briks, or another. Following this, containers that already contain the product, shall be grouped and subsequently introduced into their respective packaging, which ultimately are closed and then palletized. Between the machinery that is required for the entire process of packaging already mentioned, different types of machines are distinguished. The embandejadoras on the one hand, slipping one by one from a store of cardboard sheets to a training post and are usually combined with applicators of shrink film and ovens that fit around the product. On the other hand, the box flaps forming, form boxes and close the bottom flaps of the box, through the application of hot-melt glue or a sealing tape. Subsequent to this, the Packers boxed flaps, are dedicated to introducing the product which was previously grouped inside boxes of flaps and is a procedure that can be done through three ways: embedded above, embedded side and embedded lower, depending on the specific situation..

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