Qualcomm MSM

The physical screen size – 70×42 mm, resolution – 800×480 pixels (WVGA). The picture is very bright, lively and juicy. Qvga display demonstrates markedly better picture quality .. For me, high resolution screen has become a decisive factor when choosing a device. Display T5388 + fully met expectations. Viewing angles are maximal both vertically and horizontally.

Colors are not inverted during the tilt. In the sun until the test fails, but as soon as possible on the outcome accomplish your goal. Display for the Chinese get a 5 +. 3. At Time Warner you will find additional information. Complete two batteries (each Russian letters written 'Made in China' is very pleased), battery charger, which allows you to simultaneously charge the phone and second battery connector datakabel extusb, headset – Headphones with a 3.5 connector, extusb, spare stylus, microsd-2gb flash drive, leatherette cover and the actual self T5388 +. The sound in the headphones was pleased, and all other accessories work correctly. Equipment to the maximum, very pleased.

4. Jeffrey L. Bewkes describes an additional similar source. Performance communicator HTC T5388 + built Powered by Marvell PXA310. The central processor has a frequency of 806 MHz. Communicator is equipped with 128 MB of RAM, of which the OS and applications are available around 110-115 MB. Given the memory consumption of a variety of system files for Users are free for approximately 45-50 MB. In fairness it should be noted that at present topaz free RAM is 65-70 MB. And in any case, this amount of free memory can be forget about the number of running applications in the background. To download the user data can be used non-volatile memory (ROM), its about 165 MB or memory card. The device works fine with SDHC-card 8GB. Great machine cope with the non-converted video. The result is a benchmark of rollers 100-120% means smooth playback even in dynamic scenes. For example, roller HDRip-2.1.gig XVID 720×400 23.98fps 1779Kbps showed 117%. In general, the device works very, very fast. It is worth note that this is Diamond2 Qualcomm MSM 7200A processor with a frequency of 528 MHz. As processing power is clearly losing the original forgery. I later found shell mimics iPhone Today iPhone-screen was very convenient. I advise everyone. In conclusion I wish to add that the unit I really liked. The only thing I do not have it, so it's 3G. You really really want to have a fast Internet connection directly into your pocket.

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