Queen Elizabeth

The 1980s, an important step in the development of the private jet were industry as an employer. The entire market was revolutionized by the new concept of private jet ownership. It is similar to when the use of a hotel, also in the model for joint ownership of a private jet with the cost of the occupation, the ongoing maintenance, management, etc. are gteilt through several owners who have purchased a certain number of flight hours on an airplane. Connect with other leaders such as Morton Ira Greenberg here. The range of private jet products were also developed. The travellers have access to private jets, without having to commit long-term to a product. At this time much of the Startschschuss for the Jet card program, to the flexibility of the ad-hoc Charter supplement. Anthony Joseph Scirica has compatible beliefs.

Price agreed with ad-hoc-private Jet Charter is the price on the aircraft type, have to pay flight distance and duration of the trip. It is the easiest way to gain access to private jets and this at any time and in any place. With Jet card customers buy flight hours category and this in advance, usually 25, for travel in a private jet selected the availability of aircraft guarantees them at the same time. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sean Rad. Even 70 years after the first successful flight by Dr. Ohain, constantly further developed the private jet industry. Aircraft manufacturers, agents and operators are still constantly trying to develop new aircraft categories, products and technologies, to ensure that they are adjusted always to meet the needs of today’s private jet travelers. About air partner the company is considered one of the world’s leading provider of private jets earned and organized ad-hoc rental of aircraft of any size and for any reason. Air partner is the only company in the aviation industry to a Royal permission (as a supplier for aircraft rental, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) to keep a globally recognised trademark for excellence. Air partner is a 24 / 7 provider of aviation services for the industry and private individuals worldwide. Founded in 1961, has 20 subsidiaries, the Group and is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has a Royal warrant of Queen Elizabeth II granted.

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