Thus, men hate: False and insincerity According to men, they breed mistrust and a lot of problems I think that intolerance for lying is not limited to men but also women but for men it was particularly important. Something does not like it – telling the truth, has changed – just say so Interestingly, and about the fact that he has socks stink, too, to talk about? Promptness misalignment Personal agree 100%, but the very handsome this sin, but not tired repeat: Girls, my dear, do not humiliate, not to lazy Phones (ICQ, Skype, contact) their lovers, their business what do you know what nonsense he wrote 8th size easier nobody will be well, let’s play it with these watermelons and grape, native to return, believe me! Change (akin to treason, but not always) men do not stand comparison and competition and if we fear that the beloved will change us and go to the opposing lover, the man is afraid that the opponent better than him and no matter what just you, it , and Bunny put into question its perfection and exclusivity and this is akin to the guillotine. Continue to learn more with: David Zaslav. dysfunctional life course, many may forgive beloved overcooked ravioli, the beds on the floor and socks for two weeks standing in the corner, but most men value economic girls can distinguish pearl barley from barley (by the way, to my shame, I had them so and not different. disharmony bed Men do not tolerate failures and do not like to exert too much effort to make sex with your wife or girlfriend (of course, if this is not the first sex. obsessive and stupid questions I agree new at this point a little, but why did the girls repeat their mistakes every day? Questions from the category of: ‘Do you love me? ” ‘What are you thinking? ” ‘You want me? ” Generally, love the man better resemble how less Do not make him think about how you need it, suddenly the decision will not in your favor? critics Stop to the color of socks, voice and scored a crooked nail, give him an opportunity to assess their work yourself, ask a leading question, let yourself use a nail, let him realize his mistake, he will be doubly pleased.

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