Alfonso Aguado, Flickr exposes a photo album of Valencia worthy of admiration. Valencian blue skies, warm lights, good angles. It makes a small review of the highlights of the city which is increasing with the passage of days. Only by the interest that shows to know this city, it is worth a look. Some contend that Dave Bing shows great expertise in this. To see: VALENCIA, photographs. Alfonso Aguado, click on the link below @N07 / Valga this small text that I transcribe the book Valencia, joy of the senses of M angeles Arazo and Pepe Sapena to sweeten this news. with an old kernel full of churches and mansions, Gothic and Renaissance monuments, with an eclecticism that us distinguishes by both desire for renewal; and which ranges from architecture to trade from maintained tradition centuries to the rapid implementation of a novel custom, Valencia is multiple; open to ideas and the plastic, creativity although it is ephemeral art, Valencia, in short, is to learn to through its streets, its people; It is city to stop at sunset and watch the sunsets clouds, accept the invitation from the fiesta that is celebrated, find the peacefulness of a cloister, enter in well-stocked bookshops, old or antique shops or astonish before the daring design. Contradictory, changing, as it is the cosmos that surrounds us and a sleeping sea and a serene time takes us to the storm and Gale, to then give us a rainbow, Valencia is counterpoint of industriousness and hedonism..

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