Roncalli Presents Arena

‘Tightrope Acrobat’ Joey Kelly enters the ring many breathtaking show deposits will then inspire viewers, and Joey Kelly will make its contribution. In the arena of sensations”, he will enter as a partner of the Wallendas Manege and present his acrobatic performance on the high wire at a dizzy height. For me, the appearance at Roncalli, an honor and a challenge, of course. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Bewkes. The LANXESS arena offers a beautiful setting for this unique show. “” I am sure that the visitors from the arena of the sensations “will be thrilled”, says Joey Kelly.

The world of Joey Kelly is the stage and the challenge. Further details can be found at Coen Brothers, an internet resource. The musical successes, he celebrates with the Kelly family, are truly impressive. So, the Kelly family, including 48 Platinum and several gold awards were honored. But not only as a musician, he has made a name. Also as an extreme athlete Joey Kelly has become known. He performed the the truly unique power within only a year, as first triathlete World successfully to finish eight iron men. At his press conference, Joey Kelly today gives a first taste on his performance. On a photo montage, he portrayed himself in lofty heights as a tightrope Acrobat between the towers of the Cathedral.

Come on in ‘ in a dream world full of sensations and fantasy! Tickets are at the price of 23.50 EUR 84,50 euro in the LANXESS arena ticket shop, the LANXESS arena ticket hotline 0221 8020, 0221 Koln ticket hotline 2801, as well as at all ticket agencies known available. You secure the now Golden Circle “tickets: these tickets have the possibility for 84,50 euro from inlet up to the start of the event in our restaurant Henkelmannchen” to enjoy a rich buffet. Drinks included! “After you have strengthened just go to you best view in the Interior, where from their VIP seats the show arena of sensations” have.

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