Russian Companies

Information about the shareholders and directors Hong Kong companies is open and is in the public domain. All this makes the Hong Kong companies prestigious corporate tools that are recognized worldwide. A company incorporated in Hong Kong and leading their activities legally, much easier to prove the legal origin of their funds when making investments in developed countries, which is a major advantage over off-shore companies. Scheme of the Hong Kong companies. 1. The company in Hong Kong as an intermediary in international trade. Hong Kong Company – the perfect intermediary for trade with China and Asia, but can be widely used in commercial activities around the world. General mechanism of the trading company in Hong Kong: – The company in Hong Kong is the link, parties to a contract as a supplier and a buyer of goods – Goods transport made directly from the supplier to end customer (the "direct delivery") – The company in Hong Kong receives an account and pays the cost of goods to the supplier and the buyer a bill of goods, adding to the price of size own profit.

– Tax-free income is accumulated in the accounts of the Hong Kong company. 2. Hong Kong company as service provider. In this case, the fee for the services listed in Hong Kong by company. At the same time, the company based on the principle of territorial taxation, there is no obligation to pay taxes on income received. 3. The company in Hong Kong in the scheme of tolling. Company acts as a foreign partner, who actually manages the work of a few companies located in Russia, with the goal of profit.

The content of the scheme is as follows: 1. Hong Kong company buys raw materials which the contract is sent directly to the production (processing). 2. The manufacturer produces the raw material processing, obtained from a Hong Kong company, the ready product. Hong Kong, the company pays the manufacturer of award or transfer in consideration of the products. 3. The finished product comes to the Russian company. Between the Russian company and the company Hong Kong signed an agency agreement under which the sale of products for the Russian company, the agent receives a commission, and earned money sent to the account of a Hong Kong company, the principal. 4. Hong Kong company as International freight forwarding company. 5. Hong Kong company as owner and manager of the vessel. 6. Hong Kong company as an investor and / or holding company. The last three schemes will be discussed in more detail in subsequent publications, they are mentioned here only to illustrate the general features of the Hong Kong companies. Thus, these factors make Hong Kong, arguably one of the most attractive jurisdiction for use in international tax planning.

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