Sebastian Asch

6 piston calipers front in conjunction with larger sized brake discs (o370x35 mm), as well as reduce the braking distance steel-braided lines and racing brake fluid enormous. The core of the drive factory modifications is a ClubSport suspension, developed in collaboration with KW automotive, which was quite specifically matched to the special features of this vehicle. None other than the racing professionals Sebastian Asch and Michael Ammermuller, as well as their race engineer were responsible for the coordination work. The combination of ride height, weight distribution on all four wheels (wheel loads), track – and falling values, the correct spring and damper rate as well as the exact setting of tensile and compression is ultimately responsible to the maximum ground contact of tire and therefore optimum traction and achieving the best possible grip. Here also the 7.9 kg of light ATS Superlight rim (series wheel 10, 2 kg) offer significant benefits, because the suspension due to the reduced mass on the wheel more sensitively addresses and thus better works. Highlight one must especially the comfort component that has the suspension despite energetic vote. As the vehicle rolls much smoother, as in the original series production condition in sport mode, what the old rule the harder the better”ad absurdum leads. The exhaust system mounted by a workx ultra-light titanium contributes to weight reduction at the 435 s (minus 10 kg), as well as to improve performance with rich 17 HP (with control unit adjustment 27 PS) and thus to immense driving pleasure gain.

Behind this is the know-how of the exhaust specialist Akrapovic, who have done a great job with their perfectly processed tube mill. Folding operation with the remote control allows you to set the driver according to desire and mood racing ROAR or stupidly. To set the system to race mode”no more wish remains open in terms of sound under warranty. On the contrary, you noticed already GT3 driver, who were jealous because the sound of the 3.8 l Boxer is almost reminiscent of the Carrera GT sports car icon. Ultimately the must sharp made 911 but show on the road or even track what’s in it. And expectations will not be disappointed with security. He directs a smart pants almost to the next curve and put exciting and totally neutral to any kind of bending. By tail spin, absolutely nothing is felt and you dare after a short settling time to turn off the traction control.

You can feel literally, build as chassis and excellent Michelin pilot sport Cup with each other perfectly and maximum mechanical grip. The reduction of the masses behind the rear axle by the titanium exhaust system allow the Elfer handy work and ultimately faster milling around the corner. The sound, the snappy brake and the perfect chassis to convince to give gas again ahead of the curve. As said, sheer driving pleasure! Prices: Akrapovic slip on race titanium exhaust system: 5.938,10 a-workx software optimization 435PS: 2.500,00 MOV’IT brake system: 5.895,00 a-workx club sports suspension of by KW: 2.668,00 rim set ATS Superlight: 5.280,00 carbon parts skirts right/left: 1.745,00 front lip: 800,00 air intakes front: 450.00 rear bumper incl. coating color: 1,900.00

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