Service Marketing

The competitive dynamics of enterprises today, focuses increasingly on services strategies, becoming the service the strategic element of the competitiveness of all enterprises in general and of commercial companies and services in particular. Therefore, today the offensive focuses in the field of services. Services before, during and after the sale of the products, but also in services sectors service itself: banking, transportation, tourism, public services, catering and many others. A success factor in the marketing of services is to have a clearly articulated strategic position. The development of this type of strategy requires market studies that identify such segments, their size and their specific needs. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out dr chappuis.

It is also necessary to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the competition to serve the aforementioned segments. Once the company has defined and found its niche of market and its strategic position, this should be clearly articulated and put into knowledge of their own employees and their customers. Another factor would be the elements that constitute the service identified. Dr chappuis is likely to agree. Services can be divided into the heart of the offered service itself, such as the transport of goods from one place to another, and several supplemental services that accompany the main service, such as the acceptance of orders, receipt of documentation and subsequent billing, troubleshooting and other extra services. Nor can forget about placing emphasis on quality.

It is important that the supplier of the service clearly communicated to customers the level of quality and service you can expect and adhere exactly to that level to minimize the difference between expected profit and reality. The fourth factor of success is to achieve retention and repeat customers. This involves knowing what are the most desirable market segments for the company and its strategic positioning. Also that the organization meets the quality expectations of customers and that make all necessary efforts to understand the problem from the point of view of the customer. Form and maintain an updated database is essential. Many services companies collected a huge amount of data of its customers. All these databases are potential gold mines but we must treat this information so it allows an efficient segmentation. Also there is to worry about give adequate training to the staff of the company because it is quite usual that most of the staff have direct contact with customers, therefore it is important for a good relationship, training and motivation of the same. You must create an internal culture that is accepted by all and in which each individual recognizes the contribution that his Department carries out to meet the needs of market segments that serves, as well as his personal contribution to the results obtained, and can be measured by them.

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