SMEs Venezolanas

SMEs, mostly not adequately handled the satisfaction of external customers and many fewer internally, do not have a clear understanding of service culture, not to make decisions based on facts (through statistical techniques) and an expense is considered in staff skills development through training. 8. The lack of motivation which is currently evident at the level of workers directly impacts on the results of the effective management of processes and outcomes in the quest to meet targets aimed at the satisfaction of needs of customers in general. 9. Proper absence of the role of market that will strengthen the concept of sale: kept the old paradigms and structures in supply and demand, and especially in the conceptualization of what is marketing focusing only on sales and not on the formal screening strategies for enterprise and study of needs of actual and potential customers. 10.

Serious weaknesses in the develop skills and knowledge management: every day is evidenced more than senior managers and owners of SMEs Venezolanas are unaware of the importance of management skills and lack of training in modern managerial topics that allow you to project the performances of the company towards new perspectives of the global environment. 11. Disregard for promote new participatory and entrepreneurial managers because a market research does not promote nor projected performances by companies based on a real strategic planning. Definitely there are many challenges and changes that need to be considered by the general management and the markets, if you really want to participate adequately in a scenario as the national that is turbulent, but that also offers opportunities that lead to give way to a new vision of the role of markets, to consider new trends and define the functions necessary to deal with the situation. The next article will give some suggestions and presented other opinions on the matter.

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