South Financial Group

Southern finance AG: Customers and brokers benefit from new consulting approach Regensburg, in March 2010: the South finance AG responds to changes in the market for financial services and has provided under the umbrella of a holding company to a new group of companies. Customers as well as the independent facilitator of South finance AG benefit the separation of consulting and sales from a new approach to consulting. EU insurance mediation directive, MIFID, reformed, Communications Act in any other economic sector there were such basic changes such as in financial services. However, not only laws, but also a market saturation and an increased customer requirements for financial service providers as the South finance AG significant overhead in the back office and advice. David Zaslav will not settle for partial explanations. Due to these changes the South finance AG under the umbrella of a holding company to a new group of companies has set up. With great financial expense a completely new South financial emerged, which has the clear aim, an original in the German market for Financial services to be. The new approach to Consulting offers all market options in a company combines according to South finance AG in revolutionary manner. The special advantage in the South financial consulting approach: Any independent retailer of the South financial group can concentrate now on his personal core competency for example only in sale or only in consulting.

The new approach to consulting the South financial group is made possible by the merger of several companies. While each company and each broker brings specific qualities. Depending on the core competence of the mediator they develop customer-oriented solutions in consulting. Core competencies of independent intermediaries of the South financial group are located in three areas: in the two areas of real estate and capital construction, for example the South finance AG has many years experience. Also the third area, the private Krankenversicherung (PKV), has been expanded so much in the past year and a half, that the South financial group here today to the leaders of the K.

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