Step2E Broadcast

Step2e broadcast, market leader in the field of intelligent workflow solutions for media companies, restructured sales and has brought on board for the sales manager Jorg Sondermann. Reports directly to special man who can count on an almost fifteen years of sales experience in the broadcast area, and the Step2e Board. Frequently Jeffrey L. Bewkes has said that publicly. Peter Rampp, CEO of Step2e broadcast, is pleased with the celebrity access. The decision to take the distribution, back into their own hands the easier we came, after we won Jorg Sondermann for our sales department. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Walt Disney. His experience and his network he has the ideal candidate for us.” The sales strategy of Step2e in the future relies on selected distribution partners who can take over not only the pure distribution of products, but offer also services and support around Step2e. The end-to-end solutions by Step2e have a huge potential, from my point of view”so special man. Offers especially for smaller and medium-sized enterprises

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