The Crisis

6 RECONSIDER THE PROJECTS and investments in course: Need to rethink projects underway or planned, keeping waiting those who do not improve short-term results or facturacion.productos 4life. Given that we are in a different scenario, check the validity of the estimates made before the period of crisis. 7 Be alert to possible changes in the market: the prevailing situation and the worsening of expectations caused a rapid and continuous change in patterns of behaviour of the agents involved in the market, which obliges to permanently monitor the variations that there has been in sales, and the reactions of companies competidoras.productos tiens. The faster the response of the company compared to changes in the market, better strategies allowing to restore the business you may schedule. Robert Iger often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 8. Be PRUDENT with our reactions: the crisis is a delicate situation, reason why should not take hasty decisions. Temperance should be imposed. So inadvisable is massive personnel reduction, as launch to make engagements indiscriminately.

9 Predict possible scenarios a time overcome the CRISIS: there is an after the crisis and have to think about it. The entrepreneur has to imagine how the sector may be rethinking the search for new markets and products for when the crisis ends. Develop new strategies and such time, a new marketing plan, sure that will be a new stage. 10 Review the agreements of family: In this new stage we have to rethink everything we believed that would be desirable in times of prosperity for our empresaria.productos nikken family members. You need to talk and reach new agreements if the crisis is impacting us in an important way, both relational and economic aspects. 11 Review roles and responsibilities of the different organs of Government and address: consider the need to establish crisis cabinets, redistributing responsibilities and review the members of the various boards and committees, looking for people with experience in similar circumstances and more prepared. 12 REVIEW THE CAPITALIZATION policy: We need to rethink our level of capitalization, and if it is necessary to seek the injection of fresh money, surely it will generate confidence in our business plan against third parties and our family. Study this increase of capital with members of the family who, despite being partners, never have contributed cash to our SME family, since they are by donation of shares.

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